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Whisperer, Mutterer, Murmurer!

Staff Member
"And all the children of Israel murmured."—Numbers 14:2.

There are murmurers amongst Christians now, as there were in the camp of Israel of old. There are those who, when the rod falls, cry out against the afflictive dispensation. They ask, "Why am I thus afflicted? What have I done to be chastened in this manner?"

A word with thee, O murmurer! Why shouldst thou murmur against the dispensations of thy heavenly Father? Can He treat thee more hardly than thou deservest? Consider what a rebel thou wast once, but He has pardoned thee! Surely, if He in His wisdom sees fit now to chasten thee, thou shouldst not complain. After all, art thou smitten as hardly as thy sins deserve? Consider the corruption which is in thy breast, and then wilt thou wonder that there needs so much of the rod to fetch it out?

Weigh thyself, and discern how much dross is mingled with thy gold; and dost thou think the fire too hot to purge away so much dross as thou hast? Does not that proud rebellious spirit of thine prove that thy heart is not thoroughly sanctified? Are not those murmuring words contrary to the holy submissive nature of God's children? Is not the correction needed?

But if thou wilt murmur against the chastening, take heed, for it will go hard with murmurers. God always chastises His children twice, if they do not bear the first stroke patiently.

But know one thing—"He doth not afflict willingly, nor grieve the children of men." All His corrections are sent in love, to purify thee, and to draw thee nearer to Himself. Surely it must help thee to bear the chastening with resignation if thou art able to recognize thy Father's hand.

For "whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons." "Murmur not as some of them also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer."

Charles Spurgeon
Staff Member
Close but no cigar. :)

Even though you might be right I think worry has more to do with understanding the why of it which we believe would put our minds at ease. It might, but would it learn us or another by our example what He wants us to know or change to?

So, in lacking this understanding we start to toss our trust in Him out the window. I believe we all have those moments when we do this instead of just completely trusting Him that even though we don't understand the why we are going through what we're going through or feeling what we're feeling. It's falling upon the fact that because He loves us, He won't ever do or allow anything that a loving Father would allow that something to happen in our lives that in the end would not be to our ultimate benefit.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. Romans 8:28

Worry probably speaks more to patience instead of "mumering". What we need to do which is difficult is as it says in Romans 12:12

"Rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer;"

I will be praying for you brother.
I love you brother!
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