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Which Jesus do you believe in?

The Bible says there will be false Christs.

Matt 24:24; "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.
Mark 13:22; for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect.

There is "a Jesus", who was once only mortal, he was born on another planet. He had sex with Mary Magdalene even though he wasn't married to her. He wasn't always god, but became "a god" (one of many) and eventually got married. He was never conceived by the Holy Spirit and he didn't create everything in the universe. Even his father (who a man who became a god before him) is married to a woman.

There is "another Jesus" who is not God, never was God, and never will be God. He died on the cross.. (period).
He was never resurrected in the flesh as Jesus, but resurrected in spirit only as the archangel Michael. This Jesus did not create creation either.

There is "another Jesus" who had a mother that was sinless. In fact her birth was "immaculate", more so than Jesus's birth. Her parents are not listed in the Bible anywhere. This Jesus is not the only mediator between man and God, but his mother is also a mediator. This Jesus isn't the only head on the church on earth, but in fact has a large hierarchy of men, and ultimately one man (besides Jesus) who is the head of the church.

There is "another Jesus". He is not called Jesus but is called "Isa". He is not god, or the son of God. He is only a prophet, and he is not even the greatest of prophets. Most (not neccessarily all) of his teachings were good teachings. This Jesus was never crucified and never died for our sins.

... the thing is.. none of these Jesus's are in the Bible. Yet millions and millions of people claim to "believe in Jesus". Yes, but which one. You might say there is only one. I would agree that there is only one "real" Jesus.

There is "another Jesus" some churches that call themselves "Christian" churches believe in.
He meets most of the requirements on the Bible. He is God, even the Son of God, the creator, and He died for our sins. So far - so good. But this Jesus does not require anything from us. No obedience, no repentance,
no change in lifestyle.. in fact, the only thing you have to do... is believe in "this" Jesus.

... this Jesus isn't in the Bible either. But he is becoming more and more popular in many churches.
I think people need to be really specific of who Jesus really is. If people dont mean Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, son of God, who died on the cross, Whos blood paid for our sin and rose again and now sits at the right hand of Father in Heaven interceding for us who are they talking about? And did they miss where Jesus said if you love me follow my commandments...

Theres also another Jesus that apparently went to america and only those people are 'latter day saints' .
People who have been born again still see "through a glass darkly" [I Cor 13:12]. God does not expect us to see better than what our eyes are capable of seeing, but He does expect our vision to improve. Unlike natural vision where it is the normal thing for vision to get worse as we get older, the spiritual vision about which the Apostle Paul and Jesus and others speak in scripture should always be improving. The flesh of every one of is dying, but the "new" or "inner man" of each of us is intended to live forever with ever improving vision until are able to see Him "face to face" [I Cor 13:12]

As we see Him clearer, will not our belief [our faith] grow stronger? In the beginning we see little, but God accepts us at that like the "good thief" on the cross who apparently believed in the Master for a very short time.

"Much is given... much is required" [Luke 12:48]. As our vision of Him improves, God will expect more from us. To stop improving or growing is to stagnate and die.

The Jesus in which we believe is the One we can see today with all that God has given us. As we are given more, our belief in Him must also increase within us:

"And the apostles said unto the Lord, Increase our faith." Luke 17:5
Matt 24:24; "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect.
Mark 13:22; for false Christs and false prophets will arise, and will show signs and wonders, in order to lead astray, if possible, the elect.

There are a lot of of religions in the world today. The old testament warned a lot about false gods and idols. In the new testament it warns about "false Christs".

2 Cor 11:4; For if one comes and preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted, you accept this teaching willfully.

We don't have to worry about religions that don't claim to be following Jesus. We know Hindus, Buddhists, BaHai, Ahtiests, and even Muslims don't claim to follow Jesus, or even to be Christians.
But what about those churches that DO claim to follow Christ and be Christians? What about Christ Scientists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons. They all believe in "a" Jesus.

Perhaps even more devious that this are churches that say they believe the right things about Jesus, but they teach that we don't have to obey Him and can live any way we want to.
2 Thessalonians 2: 8-10. There are many forms false Christs, here we have people who simply do not love God's truth as found in his Bible.
My Jesus doesn't believe in works, He advocates Grace, Ephesians 2: 8-9
Grace produces works, show me someone who says they have grace, there life will exhibit it if it is real Grace. Grace changes people. Jesus is a advocate of obedience and works, it just not going to get us in heaven, BUT it will EARN our spot in heaven, we are rewarded for works,
What don't you understand about a gift and salvation not tied to any good works you think you should take credit for. And , ANYTHING associated with grace is of God and NOT you, unless you could boast!
It is odd, I have been seeing your threads for years and I thought I understood you. Sure , once saved you want to "do things" but the legal system is gone, these "things" are Grace. It is God working through you, if you think it is from you, then you are boasting!
The thread title is "Which Jesus do you believe in" Well -- there is only One Jesus To believe in. Jesus Christ being God's Son.

@Dave M. -- Ephesians 2: 8 - 9 -- Not of works lest any man should boast. And as a result OF our salvation -- we will desire To do what the Holy Spirit leads us to do. Our 'good works' / lives / Should be pointing others to Christ.
I Think that's what you said ?!