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Where The Brave Dare Go

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And the LORD said, Judah shall go up: behold, I have delivered the land into his hand. Judges 1:2

After Joshua died, much of Canaan remained unconquered, so the Israelites asked, "Who will take the lead in fighting the Canaanites?" God said, "Judah will go. I've given the land to him." The men of Judah trusted God's promise and together with the Simeonites, who lived among them, marched out to war, and God gave them great victories (Judges 1:1-4).

Most other tribes, however, after halfhearted attempts, failed to defeat the Canaanites. God had tried to encourage them by Judah's example, but they chose to settle among the Canaanites instead. Soon they were trading with them, intermarrying with them, and worshipping their gods.

When God make promises to be with you and to cause you to succeed, success doesn't follow automatically. You have to trust His promises, hold tightly to them, and go forth with courage expecting God to fulfill them. Otherwise you'll drift along for years, a mere shadow of what you could have been. You may even enjoy prosperity, but you'll always wonder what your life could have been like.

Don't be timid. Don't choose the easy way out, God has a great future planned for you. Step into it!

Prayer: God, please give me the faith to believe Your promises and the courage to put them into practice. Don't let me miss out on the great things You have planned for me.

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