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Where Is Your Love?

I AM ! the lord your god! I was before the beginning. and shall be after the end. I created the heavens and the earth. and all living creatures. I made a place full of goodness. I filled the earth with surprises, shining stones, minerals, caves, coves, shells, towering trees, mountains, fields, the pounding sea, I made all plants and animals. and I made man. like little children they would play and laugh as they tamed the animals I gave them. or smile with delight with every new discovery they would make. like a child in their wonder at every shining stone under the ground or to find a shining star in the heavens above. I was vary happy as there father. and loved every heart felt praise they would share with me. it made my heart happy to share ALL I could with them! all I ever hoped for ! was their love! for all that I gave them. and to love me as their father. I tried to walk with them. but suddenly they changed! they avoided me and no longer called me father! they said the world was theirs. and started destroying all I had created for them. they said this is my life! and they didn't need me! and hurt and killed each other ( acting as angry children do. not thinking of the end results. ) I sent my profits to tell them I still love them. and how much I wanted their love. but they laughed at them and killed them. finally they no longer believed in me ( it hurt so bad! ) so I sent them the best I have ( MY MOST BELOVED SON ! JESUS ! ) surely they would listen to him? but they wouldn't. they rejected him , cussed at him , spit on him , and beat him to a pulp. and finally they crucified him ( MY SON !! ) I was so angry I wanted to destroy it all! but my son said FATHER FORGIVE THEM . FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO. so I gave him the power to decide who is mine. for he has felt their pain. and can rightusly judge their hearts. so now they have had the best of my love and ( ALL ) I had to give. SO I ASK> WHERE IS YOUR LOVE ?
this one was one night I just GOT IT! about how G_O_D feels about us! and how awesome it is. that he sacrifced his Son. so we could have fair judgement. instead of bias . ( please tell me anything on this one .. as NO ONE has ever comented on it ANYWHERE! PLEASE Thank you.
thank you for something on this one! its hard to wright from your heart. and not know if anyone even cares!
Banned: Broke Rules Several Times
Well as far as the idea goes, I'm going to disagree, to an extent. Maybe if God came and talked with his children once in a while instead of sending someone to do it for him, people would be alot kinder. People don't know the rules and boundaries and other people misinterpret or bend the word of God. I think people do these things out of fear more than out of wanting things. You need things to survive, otherwise you're worthless in the eyes of man. But according to god, you don't need things. . .
The Wang Master <....... If your house was on fire.. you would grab your family not your stuff first.. the most wonderful things in life are not things! its the love you see in your childs eyes. the care of a loved one. the wonder of new life. think about it.. if you could have a perfect temp out side../ no bugs or beasts.. and a wonderful nature place to live. with all the food and comfort.. wouldnt that honstly be better than all the THINGs we have.. I think so.. nothing is as peaceful as a clam resting day out in nature.. much more than in front of tv... things cant fill us.. only the basic care needs. are needed really. ...and God DID walk with man.. untill man rejected God!.. maybe we just see too much marit in ourselfs as humans! like GOD OWS us something! lol I wonder if people think that of their parents. God gave us life.. and as His Kids ( like your own kids) he HOPES we will love Him ! NOT for his Riches. ( like your kid ONLY loves you IF!!! you give him a Porsh!) but becuse He gave us life! and care (like - air food water pants .so on) yet we throw a fit and never call home! and when we do we just complaine ! WHY ON EARTH ??? Would ANYONE THINK God ows him ANYTHING? our vary breath is only by his .. unmerited LOVE lololololololol I like to think about OUR Pets!!! like if God got bord. and just made us to care for ( like we have pets!) well I wonder how YOU CARE for your pet? HUMMMMM like do you Just provide for its NEEDS? and or do you give in to its EVERY DEMAND! and humble prostrate yourself to do its every whim? LOLOLOL God DONT OW US ANYTHING! We are SOOOO LUCKY!! he loves us inspite of our selfs! ( the pet thing is a weird way to think of it but LOLOL oh well thats me!)
Banned: Broke Rules Several Times
I think you missed my point. And I'm not argueing with you, just clarifying and conversing.

Aside from saving my family from the burning house I would call the fire department to try and save the house as well. I would like to keep somethings, because some of those things have value to help rebuild the life we once had. People fear losing things because things become a part of our lives. Every home has a cooking device either it be stove, oven, or microwave. Every home has a place to sleep, eat, or be a family.

But these are things that keep your family safe and comfortable. A home is just for keeping stuff in, and you get bigger homes when you get more stuff, or you get rid of old stuff. And if you can't keep your children under a roof and have warm meals, you're seen as an unfit parent. It doesn't mean you don't love them, just that the government feels that they could do a better job than the parents. Sadly, that is sometimes the case.

As for the God thing, I'm not disagreeing with you on that one. But I was talking about good parents, most good parents have an open relationship with their kids, and fully understand the concept of tough love. But I'm lucky that way.
Staff Member
The Wang Master said:
Maybe if God came and talked with his children once in a while instead of sending someone to do it for him, people would be alot kinder.

Wrong. Where is your wisdom? You certainly lack it so according to your previous posts that I had to ban you for. Where were you when GOD created the heavens and the earth? Do you have power like GOD or wisdom like GOD to say such a thing? I think not. Maybe if you put away your pride and listen to GOD you maybe gain some insight or "wisdom" as to what and why GOD does what He does.