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Where is the love?

I was talking to a couple people on here and I also remembered a couple weeks ago when I went to the ocean with the youth from my church. Well what they were talking about was their spiritual life and how they know each other, and how they all hang out together. Well someone commented, “If we weren’t Christians, we would all hate each other. If we were at school, we would totally hate each other is we wouldn’t have met in church.” *not exactly to word* but I agree with that. I have a friend, who I argue with every time we are together. I am trying to stop that, the arguing part. But if it wasn’t for church, and us being a family of Christ, I would hate her guts!!! It’s so true. Just today I was talking to someone, a fellow member of Talk Jesus. We started talking and he told me how he was upset about something. Well I thought about it, and I noticed that some of us just hate each other, being the body of Christ. Why is that so. We are Christians aren’t we? Or are we just saying that? God says, love one another as yourself. I mean, if you do hate yourself, that’s a different story. But obviously none of you want to be hated or despised. I just want to say, where is the love? We are the body of CHRIST!!! We can’t go on hating each other, arguing and just other stuff. I guess misunderstanding would be part of it, but then, that’s when you have to get together, talk, compromise, and shake on it. It’s hard, that I do understand. And only God gives the wisdom to all people. I’m so sorry. I know someone posted a similar thread, but I just had to say it. I just hate it when fellow Christians hate each other. God is love. We are love because God lives in us. Or does He? Just think about this. Thank you so much. God bless you all.
Your sister in Christ, Tanya
Tanya . Your words speak loudly ! satan is the accuser of the brethren . All of us fall into this trap at times . If we had the potential to all agree , then we would have no need for the word , and also life would become redundant .

You are right and it is a truth that if we not act on it , we will eventually grieve the Holy Spirit . We all need to pray for Gods mercy and Grace to be able to walk as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ . Thank you for bringing this very important truth to light in all our live's . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
That's true brother Mike. But sometimes just by one sentence, just by a couple words you say without thinking you can lose respect of someone that greatly respected you. It's so sad how people dont really think about that. I'm not saying that i'm perfect, i'm not. only Jesus is. but still, i just want to warn all of you, watch what you say and reread things before posting. God bless you all:). I love you
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Good post princess. If all followed the WORD of GOD then all would be well or at least much much better. If all told truth, did unto each other as they would want done unto them, things would clearly be more peaceful within the body of Christ
Princess, I hear you!

I know at times when we are upset words slip out and we attack others without thinking and react in the flesh. But how did those things get in our heart? Jesus said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So its a heart problem, attitude that is. But tempers flaring and words flying is different than typing. Words may come out our mouth but we have to INTENTIONALLY type them. We need to make the decision we are NOT going to follow the flesh but to always pray and ask the Spirit of God IF we should post and what to say, amen?? That way we wont be sticking our foot in our mouth :eek:mg:

Its only staying full of the Spirit and His love that we can overcome in this area. We cannot do it in ourselves.
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Hey Gloria, that's what i meant to say but i forgot, what you said out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I forgot about that. but I was thinking about it and I couldn't get on for a while so it slipped out. But thanks for saying it. that's what I wanted to say, basically, what comes out of our mouths is from our hearts. all the secrets will be reveiled. Even God said that. So people, Have God in your hearts and you wont have nothing you hide. also Chad, good point you got there. Well sorry for complaining. but remember, your mouth speaks your heart. God bless you all my brothers and sisters. bye bye:) I still love you