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Where is the Church going?

Hey to all that read this, please know this little rant is out of love for The Church.
For the second time my wife and I this year I have to sit down with scripture with some family members to show in the Word their church is going astray. I am scarred of where the church is going. This particular church is constantly inviting these traveling teams of magicians that perform these off the wall tricks and lead these sponges away from the true gospel.
A quote directly from the website of the most recent team (which I am not sure if I can site) says this: "For too long the church has walk in religion and powerlessness and preached a Gospel of salvation. We are called to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom." and
"There is one thing that they love more than all this and that is experiencing the presence of JESUS. Knowing that they are loved so wildly by an extravagant God, loving him back and knowing that His Kingdom is within them to release to others. They also love seeing other people experience the reality of the presence of God and seeing God touch them and experiencing his Love and Joy."
It should also be noted that all they do is "heal" people everywhere they go.

Now this immediately should bring to mind a few things.
1. That there is only one Gospel: the Gospel of Salvation. 1 Corinthians 15:1-8
2. That any persons that preach another gospel are cursed. Galatians 1:6-9
3 That Healing takes a back seat to Salvation. Mark 2:5-12
4. That nowhere in the scripture does it say that "the kingdom is inside you"

So I will note that their church is a Charismatic Church, but I note coming down on the church as a whole because I can not speak for all the believers in those church settings. I do however have a huge issue with this mindset that is spreading through The Church (Whole Body). I am upset that people are more concerned with their physical bodies being healed rather than their souls being set free of the bondage of sin by faith is Christ.

As a side note... Can you believe the last traveling magician healed people of their hair color, and "changed it"? Their hair color!
When people and churches like these proclaim their powers come from God I think we need to ask ourselves: Would Jesus have done something like this? and would it have any bearing on a already believing persons faith? I think not and based on the Miracles that Jesus Christ performed and the Apostles' powers, I sincerely think that Apostasy has found it's new comfortable face... Prosperity gospels and miracles that heal your physical bodies but have no bearing on your soul.

If you want info on these persons I will more than happy to divulge the info, but I am not sure if I am allowed on a thread.

Please discuss this in the forum b/c I think we all need to hear what The whole Body of Christ thinks on about it.

Your Brother in Christ,