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Where is God Anyway ?

Are you wondering where God is at times ? How could he just ignore my cries for help ? Maybe you might be saying this .

[ I'm a busy person. I have a lot to do. Why should I spend my
time reading the Bible? I don't have time to do all I need to
do as it is. ]

"I already believe in Jesus Christ, that He's the Son of God
and my Savior. I've already heard the Gospel."

So why should I read my bible ?

Read the following Scriptures. Then, if you still wonder why
you should read the Bible, you need help.

JOHN 8:31-32

31 - Jesus then said to the Jews who had believed in him, [If you
continue in my word, you are truly my disciples,
32 - and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you
free. ]

JOHN 14:23-24

23 - Jesus replied: 'If anyone loves me he will cherish my word;
my Father will love him and we will come to him and make him
our abode.
24 - He that does not love me neglects my words. Yet the word you
hear is not my own but that of the Father who sent me.

ACTS 20:32

32 - So now, brethren, I commend you to God and to the word of
His grace, which is able to build you up and give you an
inheritance among all those who are sanctified.

Are you still wondering where God is ? In the beginning was the WORD , and the WORD became flesh and dwelt among us . The fullness of God is found in his word , and his word is alive in the person of Jesus Christ .

The word is also the sword of the Spirit . We will never overcome the devil by wishing . Only by Gods word will we ever be able to overcome the rulers of darkness . When satan comes around to torment you , grab your Sword , which is the word of God , And Bust His Head Wide Open in Jesus Name ! :love: :boy_hug: Mike
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You are RIGHT.

Your going to have to work harder than that to get me to disagree with you Mike, as long as you keep leting God do the works through you I'm stuck.
thanks for sharing....mybe i should really start reading my bible more then i do....
i hardly read my bible and then im wondering where god is at times....

god bless