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Where do you feel close to God?

I moved into the little cottage where i live about two years ago and right from the outset i knew i had my work cut out with the garden.I could hardly distinguish between borders and lawn and the back of the house which fronts a small river was just a mass of briers.Two years later and i have finally gained masterey over the garden and consider it to be my "little eden".It has taken countless hours of my time but i have not resented a single minute of it.My secular job brings me into contact with many wordly people whom i would not out of choice associate with but i can come home spend a couple of hours in the garden and find my peace with the Lord.Its not so much that i pray as have a sort of informal chat with him,tell him my worries and problems and thank him for his wondrous creation.Does anybody else do that?
I see it as a partnership,ive hacked away all the bad stuff,made the ground fertile,put in the herbs,bleeding hearts,conifers,hydrangeas,fuchsias etc and leave the rest to him.I know 1 Corinthians 3v7(so that neither is he that plants anything nor is he that waters,but God who makes it grow)applies to the growth of a spiritual man but of course its true in a literal sense too.

I realise perhaps the answer to the above question for many of you is church,but is there anywhere else or some particular time that you feel at a oneness with our maker?

I know what you mean. I love :love: my garden, it relaxes me to be out there, when I am I somehow feel closer to the Lord. Every year we vacation at the Jersey shore :ip:, on the Atlantic Ocean. I have family there so we go a few more times through the course of the summer. I love :love: the beach. When i stroll along the waters edge, i look at the power of the waves, the vastness of the water and the beauty of it all. On a good day you might catch a glimpse of the dolphins in the distance. I feel soooo close to the Lord, because I think if my God could create something as powerful and vast as the ocean and all that is in it,then how much more powerful is He. He truly is awesome. The week we spend there on vacation I sit on the beach reflecting the year gone by, and where the Lord is going to bring me in the year ahead. It truly is a awesome time of closeness with my maker and Lord. Sparky thanks for starting this thread I think it will interesting to see some of the responses.

Your sister in Christ
AlabasterBox :girl:

My place is my grandmother and grandfather's house is in East Texas. It is so green there it hurts your eyes. And Azealas grow naturally there. My grandfather passed away last year. He was one of the most important people in my life. He lived what Christ taught and taught me by example-to follow God's word first and foremost, to respect nature, to be kind, to value your family, to never speak against anyone, mind your own buisness and work hard. They live on the lake there. When I go there, I feel like I am in a different world. One that God made, no distractions. I sit on the peir there and feel this amazing sunshine on my face, listen to the sounds of the water lapping, birds calling and everything feels so simple. I know God speaks to me there more clearly. It's like time slows down. And He reveals to me so clearly what is important and what is not. We take walks, pick blackberries and wildflowers from the side of the road, and don't go indoors until dark. Our family rarely goes to my grandparent's church when we visit, we all gather around the breakfast table and have devotionals. I think that is the place I feel closest to God. Thanks for the thread Sparky, I almost felt like I was there for a second. I think I might feel the same way in your cottage garden. Nature speaks to our souls, doesn't it? Praise God for the beauty he created!!
Staff Member
My place is my room :) I'm stuck here anyway, like magnets to the wall but you get the idea by now how much time I spend on this computer.

I get personally angry if someone interferes with my solititude and moment of serenity (which I desperately seek 24/7 anyway lol). I don't get violent about it, but I just happen to have a family (who I love for sure) that is large, and "greek" (you know, loud, excited, too much). My family is Lebanese, they're like Greeks anyway (neighbors too). You can see I need that extra serenity :p

I love going to a local bookstore or starbucks to grab some nice overpriced tea and read some books that are nothing short of Christian related. Its part of my praising GOD and coming to know GOD closer.

I love to take my children to the park , along with my boombox , and some good worship music , and watch them play while I worship the Lord before all the people there . I just feel so thankful that God has given me my wife and children and time to spend with them . Brother Mike
I feel a closeness to God when I stare at a black night sky full of twinkling stars of varying colors and sizes.
Personally, I mostly never have enough space at home to be alone. With our big family and small house, there is never a room that's empty. twice actually I had time to be in my sisters room where I could pray and spend time with God alone. Mostly when i feel really close to God is after church going home in the car. I could pray in my head and also going to school. I have a fifteen minute walk and it's like dedicated to God. It's great to just talk to him. My best times is at camp. A whole week with just kids from church and a time only for God. it's really cool. well that's about it, but i agree with girlforgod. Nature is really awesome. it's were i feel close to God. Well whatever.. yea, talk to you later, bye
My bedroom window is quite high off the ground so that when I look out all I see are the tops of trees and sky. We have some beautiful trees in our back yard. A huge maple that is deciduous and marks the seasons beautifully with changing, interesting displays, plus several mature eucalypts. I also love looking at the night sky. It reminds me of how awesome and unfathomable God is.