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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Teen Hangout' started by DaughterofEve, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Where are you guys from? I live in Florida, USA, but I am from Cuba. How about you?
  2. Well I've been a New Hampshirite for my whole life. :)
  3. I live In PA,USA. Its so cool that you are from cuba. One of my favorite comedians and actors is from there. Desi Arnaz!
  4. I live in Texas, but of Mexican Heritage, but I love every other culture as well and wish I could say I was from everywhere in the world! Buahahaha!!! I've never been to Cuba, but I've been to the Dominican Republic, and I loved it so I'm sure I'd love the Cuban culture as well. I pray for Cuba alot. God constantly lays it on my heart. Sometimes I wonder why, but I'm obedient and pray.
  5. It is cool to be able to speak english and spanish. It is cool when you can speak in spanish and know exactly what you or the other person is saying, but some one next to you that doen't speak the language is like, WHAT!
  6. I have never been to Cuba. My mom lived there till she was about 8 and my dad left when he was 1. I have just ssen old fassion pictures of them as kids in Cuba.
  7. I live in oregon, but i was born in Russia:) i wanna visit sometime. :)
  8. i live in germany...but was born in the usa (oklahoma)!!

    god bless
  9. Im from Pa

    I live in Greensburg PA i was Born and Raised In Jeannette PA :dog:
  10. I live in Ohio in the USA was born in England
  11. I live in Missouri and, other than visiting friends in other states (Oklahoma, Colorado, Louisiana, Florida, Michigan) and living with some in Georgia for a short time, I have lived in Missouri since I was born.

  12. I Live In Central NSW, Aussie, But I was Born on the other side of the country in Perth.
  13. #13 Brian, Mar 12, 2006
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2006
    I live in the Northern part of British Columbia, Canada. Was born and raised in the north, and I have lived in various parts of Canada. Kelowna, Fort St. John, Ottawa, Revelstock and Chetwynd. Try to find these on a map. YOU CAN NEVER KNOW THE COUNTERFEIT UNLESS YOU KNOW THE GENUINE!!!
  14. Im from south africa. And yes we do have take aways and no I do not have a pet lion... lol
  15. Hi DaughterofEve, I'm a good ol southern boy, from Morrow, Georgia, south of Atlanta. God Bless.
  16. i live in Toowoomba, Australia!!! ive never travelled overseas... but im of Scottish descent!!!
  17. Hi there!

    I'm from Venezuela, I was born there... But I live in Chile since I was like 6
    So I have my life made here... ^^
  18. i love the fact that there are so many people from all around the world on here as members. :) its really great to unite as Christians no matter where we are around the world!!! Bless this ministry!!!
  19. Amen, "For Him". In agreement, and love your signature =



  20. hey..
    im from Sydney, Australia!!

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