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When you need hope

Sometimes it seems God is far away
When we try to talk to Him, we can't even pray
We try on our own to improve the condition
And end up in making a sour rendition

A song, or a scripture, a rhyme or a prayer
Some hope that we need to remove our despair
A friend or a loved one, a sister or brother
Someone who remembers to love one another

Tis Jesus who made both command and provision
He's not far away, it's an easy decision
To cry out to Him when we're sinking in life
And have Him pull us out of our sin and strife

The waves of the world, the pits we fall in
The devil just laughs when he sees us in sin
Nothing to fear from a saint in the bog
Jesus must come to lift up the fog

But when you need hope, He's always there
When you need peace, He'll take your care
Worries we've many, and more than we need
Give them to Jesus, it's His sheep He feeds

I know it sounds easy when life is so rough
I know you try your way and try to act tough
But what does it gain you and what is your profit
If you gain the whole world and then drown yourself off it

See in times that are hard, when all light seems dim
Those are the best times to let Him come in
To set free your soul and go back to the start
To the day when you first felt Him open your heart

Life that is new and a water that's living
Is worth all the sin that is all that your giving
Abandon the cisterns, the wells without water
And welcome back home, God's son, God's daughter.

by Labrador

freely I have received, freely I give. I hope it encourages you a little if you are a believer and struggling for hope or joy.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt poem. It so reflects all of us at one time or another.....
Staff Member
Wow! This is just excellent! Thanks for sharing :)
Labrador I loved your poem.
It gives me insporation to write more.
You have a GOd given talent of writing.
Great JOb.
It encouraged me alot

Thankyou for sharing your wonderfully put poem. That sure was heartfelt writing. You have also inspired me to write more. God Bless!!
:thumbs_up Labrador, that was inspirational, spread your savior like you do your words.
Thats awesome