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When you meet a Non-Believer?

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When you meet a non-Believer, here or in person. Do you feel a need to defend what you believe? ANd what is your attitude about that person?
What if they tell you to prove it? How do you respond?
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oh Pastor T I have a bunch of things that the Lord has lead me to say. I dont (try real hard) to debate I say what the Lord leads me to and let it be at that. I dont think bad of them as they are a bad person. I feel bad for them because of where they would go if they died before they knew the Lord. When asked to prove it I give examples of faith and that I go by faith. I also say about well do you believe there is wind? Usally they say yes, (havent had a no yet) I say prove it! they say well leaves blow and things of that nature.. I say well rainbows and babies and women having an extra rib and other miricles from God and they say well prove it is God and I said prove the wind moved the leaves. Conversation stopped there. God Bless.

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