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When You Fall, Get Back Up

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For a righteous [man] may fall seven times And rise again, But the wicked shall fall by calamity. Proverbs 24:16

Jim Marshall was a key member of the Purple People Eaters, the imposing defensive front line for the Minnesota Vikings in the 1970s. At the time of his retirement in 1979, he owned NFL records for career starts (270) and games played (282). But Marshall’s most memorable moment as an NFL player took place on October 25, 1964, when, in a game against the San Francisco 49ers, he scooped up a fumble and ran sixty-six yards in the wrong direction, leading to a safety for the 49ers.

The good news for Marshall and the Vikings is that he atoned for his embarrassing gaffe by forcing a fumble, which teammate Carl Eller returned for a game-winning touchdown.

Jim Marshall didn’t give up after causing what many consider the most embarrassing moment in NFL history, and we shouldn’t give up either when we make mistakes or stumble. Today’s verse teaches us that a righteous person, a person who follows Jesus wholeheartedly, will stumble and fall but will always get up, dust themselves off, and receive God’s forgiveness.

How do you respond when you fall? Do you stay down and wallow in self-pity and self-condemnation? Or do you get back up and continue your journey with Jesus?
Nick just for clarification this is saying a saved person will sometimes sin is that correct?
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Nick just for clarification this is saying a saved person will sometimes sin is that correct?
Hello Brother Dave,
I would say yes to your question. If still in their sin, would they be included in this verse as being "righteous"? I don't believe so, since the surrounding verses identify those that are not "righteous" as being "wicked". So my reasoning has to do with the identification of the man who "may" fall as being "righteous" who may sin.

Others might have another take on this, because "fall" is not identified as being "sin" specific. Even so, I'll stick with this devotional and tell the believer who may sin, to get back up; dust yourself off, repent, sin no more, for in Christ Jesus things will be better! Doing so with as much tenderness and love God has given me to know.

I hope that these words help you.
Though something tells me that you already knew some of this already :)

With the Love of Christ Jesus Dave.