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When we get off track

As people we are not perfect, we all make mistakes. Every single person in the world gets off track. Just because we get off track doesn't mean God won't forgive us. Even though we sometimes leave following Jesus for awhile, He always forgives us. We mess up very badly sometimes. We often times know God will take us back but, as people we sometimes let satan give us the idea that God will want us back when we mess up. Thats not true though, God will always take us back. He will always take us back, even when we get off track. If anyone has messed up and doesn't think that God will forgive you, your thinking wrong. God loves us and will always take us back.
Thank you so much Heavensound for your words
You have no idea how much I needed to read this and realize about the fact that God will always want us back when we're apart and we don't hear to His voice.

Lately it's been hard for me to hear what He wants to say to me, and I can tell that He's been trying to reach my heart in a lot of ways.
That's why I feel blessed and not alone, in a moment of lonelyness and a bit of sadness.

I know, I am sure that God will always forgive us, and love us.
I just don't wanna abuse on that, and do everything I wanna do and listen to sin's voice and the voice of Satan.

Sometimes I believe we abuse on it, and forget about the calling to be in Jesus path.


Thank you again! and God bless you lots!

Sis in Christ

thanks....tears are running down my face.....i think i really needed to read this!!!!i know i did a few things wrong the last year...and i always thought that god wouldnt love my anymore...i mean yeah i did kinda know he loves us no matter what we do....but still i couldnt really believe it.....!!!!!
thanks again!!!!

god bless
I kinda have this feeling like alot of times. I mean, I always seem to get "off track" and sometimes intentionally too and I say to my self, God please dont let go!though for a moment you feel like you are really off, it is ok. He always manages to bring us back.
Thanx that was really cool

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