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When we are in trouble

When we are in trouble
When the storms of earthly misfortunes destroy our stability and security, and there is no one to help us, we feel very alone and helpless. Even our prayers and meditations seem to become sterile and fruitless. Our cries seem like, they go unheard and our faith begins to crumble. Even our friends begin to say, “Why doesn’t God help him”. However, this is the time when our heart can find victory in God; because, this is the time when we are most likely to become humble and surrender our will to him. This allows us to accept God’s help; and turn our life around. We should, therefore, seize this opportunity by surrendering our will totally to God. This means that we are open to whatever God asks of us; and at all time live for God, by focusing our attention on the needs of others, rather than our own. Furthermore, we must keep this resolve alive in our heart by constantly meditating on God's love for us. We must accept the fact that, if the world and everyone in it fails us, God will never fail us; because in his infinite love, he sacrificed his life for us.
Staff Member
Herein is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our sins.
1John 4:10
After I’ve been through that period of blaming God and then being reminded of the sufferings Jesus endured, I can never go back to blaming God. Even if I’m still bitter and suicidal at times I’m convinced God is right in everything and He will judge fairly.

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