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When was the last Time you read or listen to the "Acts of The Apostles" The Book?

Well my attention this time is Listening to it, "ACTS of the Apostles" in the KJV read by Alexander Scourby.
I maybe have Listen to it about 5 or 6 time within 30 days. [My reading Schedule is different each day.] Night time listening to "Acts"and repeating upon 1st light in the morning when my eyes open up. And drift into the scenes of the Stories located in That Book. repeating and repeating.

Wow, how different have how picturesque the snapshots has become. With the backdrops of The Letters Apostle Paul have written, and me referring back to those cities, but the Letters are earlier writings and later than the record of "Luke" concerning The Acts of The Apostles. Acts is 60 AD. And here is Paul's letter to the Romans A.D.56. 1st Cor. 56 AD, 2nd Cor 57 AD., Galatians 49 or 52 AD., Ephesians 60 AD., Philippians 60 AD., Colossians 60 AD., 1st. Thessalonians 51 AD., 2nd Thessalonians 51 AD., 1st. Timothy 64 AD., 2nd. Timothy 67 AD., Titus 65 AD., Philemon 60 AD., Hebrews 68 AD., James 45-50 AD., 1st Peter 60 AD., 2 Peter 66 AD., Jude 68 AD. and we all know John's writings are in a league all its own 85-95 AD.

So by listening to The "Acts Of The Apostles" over and over again with the Backdrop knowledge of Paul's letters to the early believers in the different cities. It shows how "primitive" the early church was. And why Paul had to write to correct so much Corruption that was in the early church.

The Clarity had became so clear and living, i could not believe it, how corrupted the earlier church was. Now I all ready knew how dis ordered it was by regular reading because of the New religion on the block, with no directions. But wow, such dis order among believers, then realize with more clarity the need to separate believers for the advance of The Gospel of Jesus Christ Thru out The world by Persecution both in and out.

Amazing How we continue to grow into The Knowledge Sufferings of Christ and growing into the why. And how the Holy Spirit can, show you in your mind things relating to events you have read in other parts of The Bible and place them on the mark.

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