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When Thoughts Trouble

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Sue J Love, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. An Original Work / April 4, 2018

    I pray to the Lord
    When thoughts trouble my mind.
    I put my trust in Him.
    Then, peace I do find.

    I have no control
    Over what others do.
    They all have the freedom
    To others subdue.

    It pains me to watch
    How some lie and they trick.
    Their plans are so sneaky.
    Their words are so slick.

    They hate what is good,
    And they love what is wrong.
    Their deeds are so evil.
    To God, not belong.

    They talk about God
    As though he is their friend.
    But, it is words only.
    On him, not depend.

    They follow the flesh,
    And do all that they will.
    Their lusts now control them.
    Their vows not fulfill.

    They need to repent
    Of their sins unto God,
    Forsake all their idols,
    And on their knees bow.

    And, God will forgive
    Them of all of their sin,
    When they believe Jesus,
    And let Him come in.

    So, I pray for them.
    But, ‘til they bow the knee,
    Their sins they continue,
    Temptation not flee.

    And, it breaks my heart,
    That from faith, they depart,
    And they won’t let God give
    To them a new start.


    I pray to the Lord
    When thoughts trouble my mind.
    I put my trust in Him.
    Then, peace I do find.
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  2. Absolutely fantastic, yo. So much truth to this poem. I've been there. Well-said, well-read. Peace
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  3. Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing these thoughts. Most appreciated!
  4. Of course! You know what would be awesome, and I know life keeps us busy and whatnot, but it would be awesome if you would do one of those poems with the recording again.
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  5. I will work on that. I will see what the Lord has for me. I just got my keyboard (piano) out of storage, because I now had a place to put it, so I am praying about if the Lord would give me another one. Thank you for your encouragement.
  6. No thanks necessary. For real. Peace
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