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Saturday, May 6, 2017, 9:46 a.m. – The Lord Jesus put in mind the song “Full Release.” Speak, Lord, your words to my heart. I read Acts 4 (Select vv. NIV).

Proclaiming Jesus (vv. 1-2)

The priests and the captain of the temple guard and the Sadducees came up to Peter and John while they were speaking to the people. They were greatly disturbed because the apostles were teaching the people, proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead.

The Lord Jesus is giving me a picture here of today’s modernized institutional church here in America, which is in partnership – an unholy alliance – with the U.S. government, via the 501c3 tax code. Via this unholy alliance with the U.S. government, the church has incorporated the body of Christ, and has turned God’s house into a marketplace (a business) where it is marketed to the public just like any other human-based business, with all the trappings of the world as its base, i.e. its foundation is marketing schemes and techniques for how to grow their “churches” (businesses). And, the world and the naive are its customer base, i.e. its targeted audience. In addition, the government is its head, i.e. this unholy alliance has been added on top of our covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, so this church is, thus, in a spiritually adulterous relationship with the U.S. government.

Because the restructured institutional church has turned God’s house into a marketplace, it has also diluted the gospel of Jesus Christ to make it more appealing and acceptable to the world. The gospel message, thus, has been altered to fit with the felt needs of the customer base who clamor for feel-good messages which tickle itching ears. So, largely they teach that all one has to do is pray some words after someone else, or else they just have to have a human belief in Jesus Christ and in what he did for us in becoming our substitutionary sacrifice on a cross for our sins, but which does not require repentance, submission or obedience to Christ and to his Word. Thus, the adherent to this faith has the impression that God’s grace gives free license to continue in sin without guilt and without remorse.

So, if any followers of Christ teach the full gospel message (the whole counsel of God), teaching what Jesus and his NT apostles taught with regard to our salvation, which includes the necessary requirements of repentance, submission and obedience to Christ and to his Word, then the contemporary and worldly institutional church leaders are upset by this, and so is the U.S. government, and the New World Order beast, or the shadow government, which is the de facto government of these United States.

And, if we call to people’s attention the adulterous relationship the church is having with the U.S. government/shadow government, and if we call the church to come out of her (to separate), and/or if we confront sin, warn of judgment, call for repentance (and obedience), yet promise hope for the repentant, we are being singled out as intolerant, bigoted, and hateful, etc. The same applies if we oppose the plans of this fashionable institutional church movement and the plans of our government to get all people to agree to ridding ourselves of all which divides us (the gospel divides), and to unifying with the world in being accepting of all religions and of all chosen lifestyles. They are unhappy with us, and so they tag us as dangerous.

Against the Lord (vv. 25b-28)

“‘Why do the nations rage
and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth rise up
and the rulers band together
against the Lord
and against his anointed one.’

Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and the people of Israel in this city to conspire against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed. They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen.”

Here the Lord Jesus is giving me a picture of this New World Order beast, in particular in relation to the USA, but to the world, as a whole, too. The U.S. government is not the true power in America. There is a shadow government of the elite of the world (the wealthy and powerful) who are the de facto government of these United States, and who are the ones truly ruling the world. Our government works for them, i.e. they are in subjection to them, and serve as their right-hand man and military force throughout the world in conquering nations, peoples and Christians; in raping, pillaging, and murdering innocents, confiscating and destroying property, and in taking over sovereign nations, and in bringing them into subjection to the beast New World Order of the Elite of this world. And, then they deceive the American public into believing that the US government is the “good guys.”

This New World Order beast is in the process of taking over America, too, and bringing our nation into full subjection to this beast, as well. And, our government is party to this takeover. Just as we have done to other countries in the world, so is being done to us in order that the New World Order beast may rule supreme over all the world, and that we might be under a one-world totalitarian government and one-world religion, unless, of course, we refuse to bow to this beast, but then we can expect to be persecuted and/or imprisoned or even killed for our faith in Jesus Christ and for our testimonies for him and for his gospel of salvation.

This New World Order is being built upon the graves of the dead, including upon the graves of our sons and daughters in the military. All these wars and political upheavals are all part of the plot of this beast to take over sovereign nations and to bring them under the authority of this beast (New World Order). So, this beast is also being built upon the deaths of independent nations. From the ashes of the old order of things a new order of the ages is dawning (rising), which is this beast New World Order. A new holocaust is in the works, but this time it is the extermination of Christians who hold to the tenets of the Christian faith and who hold strong to the teachings of Jesus and those of the NT apostles. We are being strongly opposed both in this modernized institutional church and by the government.

Yet, this time was prophesied in scripture, in particular in Revelation 13. So, it must take place. Our God is going to allow evil to reign for a short period of time, and he is allowing this beast to conquer peoples, nations and the saints of God. So, things are going to get much worse, and this world is going to get even more evil and immoral than it already is. Yet, I believe that scripture teaches that during this time our Lord is going to revive his adulterous church, spread his gospel to all nations, and bring many people to faith in Jesus Christ. He is going to purify his people (his bride) in order to prepare her for the consummation of her marriage to Jesus Christ. And, all this must take place before our Lord returns and takes us to be with him forever. God’s purposes will prevail, and Satan and his hordes are defeated already. They plot evil against us in vain, for we belong to God.

Consider Their Threats (vv. 29-31)

“Now, Lord, consider their threats and enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness. Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

When the reality of all this hits, particularly in America, and we are under serious persecution, we need to pray for strength and courage to keep speaking boldly for our Lord and for his gospel, and to keep following him wherever he leads us, and to never compromise with the enemy.

Full Release / An Original Work / April 15, 2012

Walking daily with my Savior
brings me joy.
Loving Father; precious Jesus;
He’s my Savior and my Lord.
Gently leads me; follow Him.
I’ve invited Him within.
Now abiding in His presence,
oh, what peace.
From my self-life
He has brought me,
By His mercy, full release.

Hope and comfort,
peace and safety Jesus brings
When I daily bow before Him;
Obey freely; do His will.
Follow Him where’er He leads.
Listen to Him; His words heed.
Now obeying his words fully,
oh, what love
That He gives me
through salvation,
By His Spirit, from above.

Loving Father; precious Jesus,
He’s my friend.
With my Savior, by His Spirit,
I will endure to the end.
Share the gospel, tell what’s true.
Witness daily; His will do.
Tell the world of how their Savior
bled and died.
On a cruel cross He suffered
So that we might be alive.