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When Love was Green......

With Honor, In Memory of my Mommy, Sandra Lee Weaver.
When Love was Green.......
When Love was green and still shy to touch,
Time stood still as two hearts beat as one.
The rules were simple and we were naive then,
Live live for love and if need be lay yours down.
Then reality showed it’s old face and time clicked,
Experience woke us up as we watched our love pass away.
Showers of tears watered our tender broken hearts,
Until green love grew to understand and endure.
It would be so easy to die a million times for love,
But, oh so hard to watch her slip away and live on.
Now love is no longer green but strong and wise,
And we choose to boldly live in honor of her memory.
By her beloved baby boy,
Copyright ©2005 Sean Goodman
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