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When Jesus and your kids "gang up" on you.

Has your kid ever done this to you?

God "blessed" my family this Easter!

Actually Jesus and my daughter pulled a side line run and flanked us Parents! :lightning

Ever since the dog got run over, after he escaped, Again, for the hundredth time. My daughter has wanted a "new dog"...
My daughter also wanted a cat, but, My daughter is allergic to cats! so we are off the hook...

So My daughter started a prayer campaign, and has been praying HARD for 1 year, for a new dog... :confused:

We told her no way! :thumbs_do
No big dogs without a new fence.
No dogs that drag you by the leash across the front yard,
No dogs unless it is potty trained,
No strays,
No more crazy mutt dogs.
No dogs who like to "hit the door and run for hours terrifying the neighborhood"
No dogs that are difficult to train,
No dogs that howl all night,
No un-fixed dogs,
No dogs that cost us an arm and a leg..
No dogs, No Dogs, No Dogs

Unless God make it clear that it is HIS will...
there will be no dogs!

(With all these conditions, We felt pretty safe)

She kept on praying... annoying girl!


A full bred, $800, AKA certified, miniature, longhaired, black and tan, Dachshund was offered to us by a bitterly weeping college girl who was forced to move back home.

The dog is quite at night,
The dog is house broken,
The dog is indoor kennel trained,
The dog is fixed,
The dog is afraid of going any farther then 15 feet away.
The dog heals outside, even without a leash.
The dog has his shot record, and it is up to date.
The dog, his kennel, and all his dog accessories came FREE...

The college girl told us, while she wept, (so hard we offered her water so she didn't pass out from dehydration) "that she wanted only a CHRISTIAN Family to have him..."

His name is "Oscar Meyer Moose". because he has moose like markings.
(I collect moose things...Done it for years...it is a quirk of mine) :secret:

:lightning So how is that for God making it clear... :lightning

:dog: Avery worshiped *HARD* as she took possession of Oscar! :dog:
"Jesus got me a DOGGY! Jesus got me a DOGGY!
Ha- ha- haaaa!, Ha- ha- haaaa!"

---We then ordered her to stop praying for a little brother---
(She laughed maniacally)