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When it comes to church....

Lately I have been feeling very uncomfortable about going to church. I dont mean church overall, but certain types of churches (around my area) have made me feel like God is not there and man is running the show. This is making me very frustrated as I would like to find a home church to get involved with and to be able to start working and planting my family. It is so frustrating when you walk in and think ok here we go and then your spirit feels so "dirty" being there. I dont like what some churches have become now and it makes me sick. My question to yall is, How do I go about finding a church? I thought it was going to be soooo easy and boy was I wrong. I also feel in my heart that I am suppose to go to this one church, but every week that I want to go, something ends up happening (ie...the devil not wanting me to go) I am going to try my hardest to go this Sunday and I hope nothing stops me!!! Well let me know what ya'll think?

God Bless
Shauna :shade:
I had an experience similiar to this a few years ago. I was attending a church close to my house, and then there were a couple of services that made me feel uncomfortable. So, I started visiting a bunch of different churches in the surrounding towns. I became frustrated after about a year of looking...nothing just seemed right. I ended up praying about it and God led me to go back to the church I started out with. The services have never been uncomfortable since. I wonder if God was working through them because everthing seemed different after we came back.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you." Matt 7:7
Thank you for your reply. I think God is calling me back to this church I was attending for over a year but left because I was "offended". I think that I am having a hard time going back because it also means that I have to swallow my pride. I shouldnt have left the way that I did, however, you can't right a wrong if you don't ask for forgivness and show change! Pray that I make it back to church this Sunday! God Bless!

alethuo4Jesus said:
have made me feel like God is not there and man is running the show.

i know how you feel, i've been to a couple of churchs that i felt not welcome, unless you were a certain type of person. But i've started going to a youth church where everyone is welcome, no matter who or what you are. It's just totally awesome! i say look out for a church that suits you, God will lead you in the right direction.
Stay Real
Pray to God ask Him for guidance. Visit other churches if you are not comfortable yet after that go back to the church you came from . Ask some close friends if needed. Read the Bible till God brings you to where you belong.
í think you should pray that god shows you the right church for you to go to....
i mean when this one church is placed in your heart then mybe god wants you to
go to.....pray that god doesnt let anything come between you and this church so that you can make it.....
mybe when you finally made it you can tell us how it was....

god bless
All i can say to that is maybe God is not in those churches i can tell u about a lot of churches that claim Jesus but do not follow his teachings fully. there is a lot of deceit goindg on in the churches these days. i had the same problem finding a church. but there is such a thing as spiritual decernment and if ypur spirit feeels dirty when u walk through the door then u definately should not be going to that church. The point of chirch is for fellowship and to hear the word of God. if you are not getting that then what is the point in going? you can get Godly fellowship elsewhere (like here) and the word of God is always availble to you.
I can relate to this, I have been to so many Churches I have lost count. Pray and you will be lead to the right Church, I can honestly say I love my Church now but it took 3 years to get to this.
Wow... great, insightful post you made. I'm new here, and my post is going to be kinda similar to yours... Maybe you'll catch it. My nick is Lilly - very nice to meet you. God bless you and don't lose hope; I think what we feel is that large groups of people, when organized, will always have problems - and all sorts of "politics" and even corruption. I totally understand that "dirty" feeling after you get away. I remember walking around in a parking lot looking for the entrance to a church in Indiana... and the two ladies who walked by didn't even say hello or offer to help me. To me, that's uncomfortable. Later I found out, they call them the "Frozen Chosen" hah. And over a THIRD of the body of Christ is unchurched, feeling the same way or worse. :) What to do? *smile*
I grew up in your part of the country and while growing up in Pharr, Texas I went to Grace Community Church on Sugar Rd.
Still have friends there, and Wally and Jane are great people.
For a clear message and sound doctrine, visit then, you will be surprised.
God Bless you as you search. :love:
I am in the process of changing churches for various reasons. It is not such an easy thing to do. The pastor from my previous church was not as understanding as I would have liked. I felt that he took my decision personally. Sometimes you just need to do what you fell is the right thing to do for yourself and family.
bless you. for voiceing your feelings and writing them down here... i totally understand why you feel that God is not running the show and man is. may be its time to find a house church and see if you can grow there. i have put a thread called (house churches in england )maybe you can read it ? it might be of help to you ?

Shalom and fight the good fight mark from england <><
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I have not read all of this but it will give some idea about house Church.

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Cell church came out of that house church would tend to be something like hospital/navel watching at worst, becoming introverted & therefore not outward looking as a basic premis.

House & cell is the main part of the fellowship structure (The small wing)
the big wing being the meeting where all the small groups come together Sundays.
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You say you left because you were offended, and had to swallow your pride to go back. That might be your lesson right there. God wants unity in the body of Christ, and we cannot be conformed to His image and attain that unity, if we will not resolve differences. Maybe you need to not only go back, but approach the one who offended you, ask forgivness, and move on. Pray about that particular instance, and allow God to give you the words and heart to resolve this isssue.
alethuo4Jesus said:
Lately I have been feeling very uncomfortable about going to church. I dont mean church overall, but certain types of churches (around my area) have made me feel like God is not there and man is running the show.

Sounds to me like you have found yourself a mini-pope, I don't know how many times I have seen this now when a person usurps the place of the spirit within the church. They might be called pastor or elder or Reverend or father but they all do the same sort of things.

They plan 'services' of a religious nature and they deny the gifting and ministry of the body of believers because they must be seen to do their 'job'. The problem is that their everywhere.
My approach (unless you can find a really rare group of believers like an open-brethren assemble) has been to find me a fairly laid back minister that will let you still get involved and do stuff without needing complete oversight. There have been problems with this sometimes the hypocrisy is insufferable yet love overcomes.

Just remember you don't go somewhere to Do church you are part of the Church all the time