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when i was a little girl...

i remember when i was a little girl and helping my mom can tomatoes from our garden and can pears and peaches from the market! some of my favorite memories took place with Mom there and i'll never forget them! we used to just sit out on the porch and drink pepsis after a "hard day of work". she would always sing and always smile!

one of my most fondest memories is when we would have teas parties. Mom had the best stuff for dress-up! old gloves and funky scarves...and we would make gramcracker and frosting cookies(yum!) but the best thing about my mom was the stories she told. the stories about the bible and about Jesus. these lessons i hope to never forget because they were my first fundation of my christian faith.

i remember when i was a little girl and my mom first found out that she had cancer.
she had to have her voice box removed and use a mechanical talker inorder to communicate. well, she passed away when i was 11 and that is when God showed me how much a little girl like me really needed him... and because of it all i became a real christian and my entire family has grown closer together than ever before!

to some this whole thing might sound vag and lame, but to me...well this story is where my life really began and i can't to see how the Great Author will finish it!
Lola that was beautiful and its not lame at all. You hold that close to your heart, It really touched me.
That is a very good story. I'm glad that you did something good with something bad that happened, and tried to find something good out of it. I'm glad that your family is better, and I hope you all continue to grow in the Lord.