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When I am troubled

when I am troubled,be with me always
When I am blind,help me to see....
That the times of adversity that I have suffered
Are roses in your hands to glorify thee

When words of hopelessness are on my tongue
When I see the clouds instead of the sun
Hold my month still so I may curse not
Help me to accept what ever my lot

When my tears fall to water my deepest dreams
and my family seems so far away
Send your love to comfort me
Give me hope to live one more day
a deep and heartfelt poem. very nice you wrote truly what you were feeling and that really comes through. poetry is about expressing yur thoughts and feelings to make the reader feel that they know a little part of you from just reading the poem. i feel that you succesfully did that well done. i hope you are blessed with chilcredn soon i will pray for you. trust in him and the fruits of your labour will come.
Thanks Melforgod for your prayers.I really appreciate them right now
I'm glad you liked my poem.I was in desperate times when I wrote it.
Take Care