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When hacking is said to be part of this campaign is this responsible reporting?

Is this responsible reporting?

  • What's the problem?

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  • Yes! The people have a right to know.

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  • No.

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  • (my personal opinion) What a great way to disrupt the results if Hillary doesn't win. Blame hackers!

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Politico: States 'Woefully Unprepared' for Election Day Cyberattack
Newsmax October 28th Politico: States 'Woefully Unprepared' for Election Day Cyberattack

With everything else that "she" is accused of and for over 30 years with nothing actually sticking so as to put her in prison, I think the question is, what isn't she capable of?

The Clinton campaign bugs make political scandal theater following the script of anti-Trump rumors as it is.
He's a heel. A cad. Listen to what he said in that hot mic interview with Billy Bush! He's bragging about groping women.
All those accusations. Then right behind them come the women-of-the-woodwork to give the well cut audio tape credibility. Women as far as 35+ years ago claim Trump did what he's saying in that Bush tape.

Every accusation has a witness that follows the accusation script. But why didn't they come out when they could hurt his hot Apprentice show on NBC years ago? Or when he was a young and up and coming developer?

Trump makes remarks early on in his career that get him the label racist. And then a white supremacist endorses Trump all on his own. And that's Trump's fault because he can stop people from doing that. Kidding.

Now they're making hay about his comments about Putin. And other comments about hackers. And low and behold there's reported cases of hacking.

I'm thinking this is a fall back. A safe guard. If the electoral votes go Trump's way surprising everyone this will be the charge. Contention like back when Gore and Bush Jr. ran.

And that election is even being brought up as certain media outlets asked the question but not for long, why hasn't Trump said he'll accept the election results when the votes are tallied?

As if he's lost already.
Since he didn't comply, now there's this.
I can see it now. See? That's why he didn't say he'd accept the results if he lost. He had the hackers in the bag! Look what Politico said days before the election! (point at Trump. Stomp foot.)

It's like a chess game with crib notes.