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When Does the Season Change?

I am in ministry. The problem is this: for many years I was not a good steward over my finances. God was merciful and blessed me to get my first house last year. However, since that time, my financial status has taken a turn for the worse. I am in tremendous debt. I don't want to lose my house or car. My question is twofold. While discussing my dilemna with a friend, she suggested that I may be reaping all of the years of poor management when I walked in disobedience. Since those days I am a faithful tither and giver., and have been for several years. She said that even though I am doing it "right" now, it still doesn't erase those days of doing it "wrong" and that I will just have to ride out this season. While this is happening, I have a Pastoral call on my life and God has given me the vision for an outreach ministry.

I know that we should not worry or be in fear, but honestly I am. I don't want to lose everything He has given me. How long does the season of reaping last? I have such a bright future ahead, but this financial situation could take away from it. When you start getting it right, will He still make you go through all of it or will He stop it? I have been praying, fasting and sowing sacrificially; is this enough to turn the situation around or do you think it will get worse? I just need clarity on the situation.
I dont think god would take away the calling on your life our your ministy but the bible does say that we reap what we sow and you may have to reap all of what you sowed in order to sow again. Have faith and dont give up. God bless you and keep pressing on.