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Whats the use?(For anyone who is discouraged)

What's the use?

What's the use in being a messenger if only some get the message?
What's the use of speaking if no one seems to be listening?
What's the use of asking questions if nobody is answering?
What's the use in having opinions if nobody cares what you think?
What's the use in trying if not many care if you make it?
What's the use in succeeding if nobody cares that you fail?
What's the use in believing if nobody believes in you?
What's the use in having a dream if people think that's all it will ever be?
What's the use of making a comment if people don't reply?
What's the use in inviting if only one accepts the invitation?
What's the use in giving if not many are receiving?
What's the use in teaching if only a few are learning?

How many of us have fallen into this "What's the use" attitude and asked the questions, written above?
So What's the use? What has it got to do with us anyway?
It is God who waters the seeds we plant!
It is God who grows the gardens, even if we never get the chance to see the flowers grow!
Small seeds can produce big trees!!

That's what I have thought at times,"What's the use?"- but I will still keep writing my books and poetry, even if people don't get the message, if nobody's listening or answering, if people don't care what I think, if anyone cares that I make it or fail, if they can't hear me speaking, if they don't receive it or even if they don't reply.
I write to the one sheep, not the ninety nine that don't need to read what I write!
I will keep planting seeds and just wait for God to do the watering!
Just one seed can grow a big tree!!!!

If I lived with the attitude of "What's the use" then I wouldn't keep persevering!
Please don't have a "what's the use" attitude because something you send to someone, do for someone, say to or give to someone could do more than you ever thought it would.
"What's the use" really means "I don't care anymore! I give up!"
If God has placed a dream in your heart don't ever fall into the "what's the use" attitude.
It will be God that brings that dream into reality!

God is cheering you on all the way even if nobody else is!!
God believes in you, even if everyone else doesn't !
God is with you, even if nobody else is!
God will never have a "what's the use" attitude with me!
So why should I give that attitude to Him and others!
I will keep believing and won`t give up!

This is for anyone that feels like I do sometimes and feels discouraged.....Whether you are a pastor, bible study leader, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, someone that does the morning tea at church, a worship leader, the ones who sit quietly praying or someone who stands at the door to greet people.

I will not listen to those words "what's the use" because the day i say, "I don`t care! I give up!" may have been the day God was ready to turn my dream into my reality or be the day God wanted to use me to touch someone's life.
God is on our side even if everyone else is supporting a different team!
If God is for us who can be against us! We are on the winning side; we are more than conquerors through Christ Jesus.

God bless you all :) Thanks to the ones that have encouraged me with my writing. It has been your words that have helped me not to fall into the "What's the use" attitude :)
I think every child of God is going to be amazed when we walk with Him in that eternal garden and He shows us what He was able to do with those "little seeds" He gave us to plant. Glory to God!
Little is MUCH when God is in it! Keep writing Bella! :love: