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What's the big deal?

Why is it a forbidden rule not to say who you're voting for when it comes to the polls. Trump or Hillary. Flip a coin t doesn't mater if you ask me but why the "Don't ask don't tell"? I don't care who knows who I vote for - I don't know yet but when I do finally pick pepper out of ant poop I don't mind saying. Why is it such a big deal to keep who you vote for a big secret?

God bless everyone!!! God is good ALL the time.

Because it causes heated arguments over politicians of whom we all know are unworthy of the office. Its like arguing over who feces look the best.
We don't have a president we have a king of Kings.

27 For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

I have to agree with Brad that we it's divisive and this is not at all edifying.
In fact I am sort of proud that this site less about the world and more about Jesus.

I also agree with Christ4Ever that discussing lesser evils is not very edifying.

Besides if God favors a certain leader I assume he has the means to get him where he needs to be.
I will probably try to vote for the lesser evil but i would not try to get anyone to embrace my version of lesser evil.
The Word tells us to not get entangled with this life's affairs, but to be a warrior for God.

Yet, here we are, wondering which evil to vote for.

There is ONE Savior; but some disciples stay the course, following in His footsteps for His glory and His righteousness.

God said we can not serve mammon and God; yet the majority is double minded and unstable, because we continue to be entwined with Both; giving mainly to the world but trying to hang on to Jesus hem.

To be a friend to the world is enmity against God. Amen.

The world has left us for dead, how many times? Yet we return to her like she has something different than evil to offer us? Her evil grows even darker. The world is antichrist and she is rising strong in one accord with herself.

This entire world is looking at Trump as the leader, the restorer, and the salvation of the world. I hear "If anyone can straighten things out and save us; it is Trump." And I believe this is a true saying; however, rather it is worldly salvation or Godly salvation, it comes with a price. Though Christ paid my debt, my debt I owe to Him in society is to be a shining light, to be salt of the earth, to be separate from her, be in her, but not of her, to be Christ like; now where does that leave us to be a citizen of God, yet a supporter of this world and it's affairs?

As Paul said, here I am caught in a straight betwixt the two.