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What's in your playlist lately?

Discussion in 'Musicians' started by Chad, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. What songs have you been listening to lately?

    Some of my current favs:

    Hillsong Worship
    For King & Country
    Andy Mineo
    Kari Jobe
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  3. I more Love to sing self , but if i listen Songs mostly from Reflex /Oslo and Voice of Joy/Haugesund, NO
  4. Lately I've been listening to
    The News Boys
    Trisha Brock
    Phillips, Craig and Dean
    I also listen to Church hymns like - It is well with my soul, How Great Thou Art, Fill My Cup Lord,
    Mercy Me
  5. Was listening to a Jason Grey song this morning... it really spoke to me...

    If you want to love someone
    Search their soul for where it's broken
    Find the cracks and pour your heart in
    If you want to love someone

    In every heart there is a hollow
    Locked against the pain it's known
    If there's a key, the key is sorrow
    Only a trusted hand can hold

    .... I think this is what Jesus does. When He loves, He invests His heart into us.
    An old saying says.. only love can break a heart, but only love can mend it again.

    Eph 5:2; ...walk in love, Just as Christ loved you.
    Loving others is sometimes hard.. loving them as Christ loved them... sometimes harder still...
    but that's what we are told to do.

    I wonder... do we pour heart (soul, sweat, emotions, trust, compassion, prayers, etc... )
    into broken people. Or do we cast them aside because they are broken?
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  6. Lecrae is one of my favorites. T-Bone is good too. I like Casting Crowns Mercy Me & along those lines. But I am a Lecrae fan for sure.
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  7. Absolutely love music ....

    For King and Country
    United Pursuit
    Matt Maher
    Housefires version of Good Good Father
    Big Daddy Weave
  8. Lets see

    The Skyrim OST because the music is instrumental mostly and very relaxing.
    Little Apple by Chopstick Brothers
    The Wolf by Fever Ray
    Same Old Love by Selena Gomez (I don't even like her other music really its just this song and two others)
    Civillian by Wye Oak
  9. One of the most moving songs I have heard lately..

    Another Soldier Down

    We're in a mighty conflict here
    the army of the Lord
    we must join forces standing tall
    and lean upon his word
    the enemy is now in view
    and bravely circles round
    then comes the cry from the battle field
    another soldier down

    go then with haste
    stand by his side
    and lend your strength once more
    go bear him up with faith & prayer
    until battle's o'er
    the fight before the victory
    the cross before the crown...

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  10. HALLYSON .... you might like this one too :)

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  11. Thank you @Ellie for sharing!! :D
  12. ooohhh ... found another group I like! Rend Collective.... "build your kingdom here" "Joy of the Lord" ..."Every Giant Will Fall" .... cool
  13. I like all forms of music, but am fondest of classical compositions, especially large symphonic works, such as Mahler's Eighth Symphony,"the Symphony of a Thousand," or his second symphony, "The Resurrection."
  14. Heavy-duty brass all the way. Well, I play French horn, also studied orchestral conducting. I go for the big, and I mean big, symphonic works with huge choir, such as Verdi's "Requiem Mass." Love the "Dies Irae" (Day of Wrath).
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  15. I've been listening to some hillsong, jesus culture and U2.

    Then some slightly more secularised music such as Christy Moore, Luka Bloom, Bob Dylan, Belle and Sebastian, Talking Heads, David Bowie and The Smiths
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  16. I'm all over the map with my tastes, everything from worship music, country gospel, Christian rock and metal, etc. As a multi-instrumentalist, I love playing music, and different instruments lend themselves to different styles of music.

    Lately, I've listened to some good Hillsong stuff, Gaither homecoming youtubes, the latest Stryper/Michael Sweet release (Golden Age) , to name a few.
  17. I'm the same way. I use Pandora so I listen to Donnie Mcclurkin to Israel Marvin Woman's to R&B and some rap. All Tues. night up until. Weds. evening was worship. My spirit was heavy I felt like something bad was going to happen. I was crying and singing to the gospel music and then something said call your dad. My dad is like me we see things dream and God used used him Prophetically. He operated him gifts of the spirit but he fell stopped going to church and his gifts are just idile.
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  18. Here's one that I added to my playlist not too long ago.

    There are still so many out there who have yet to hear it.

    It's called the Gospel by Ryan Stevenson

  19. bizzle explaining to do

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