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What You Don't Know About Chad !

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Mike, Jun 15, 2005.

  1. I have been at TalkJesus for awhile now , and I have been very blessed to get to know Chad , both personally and by the Spirit of God . I have went from being a visitor , to a member , and now a Moderator . Only by Gods grace did this happen .

    I came to TalkJesus looking for a friendly place to share some fellowship , and build myself up in the Lord , before going full blast into a Mens Ministry that the Lord laid on my heart 2 + years ago . The Lord has not changed his mind about the Mens Ministry and thing's are moving right along . But about 2 months ago , I was going to leave TalkJesus and make a push into the call . I said my goodbye's , and left .

    One week later , God allowed some things to come to light and told me to come back and help the Man he called to the biggest fellowship in the world . I thought , [ in the world ] ? God said , yes , in the world ! Well I thought praise the Lord . I'll go !

    Well since then , both all hell and all heaven has broken loose on this site ! Thats when I really started to get to know Chad good . I pray all the time about what God has me to do , and God has been very good at letting me see things that I need so I will find my way . Well I was in for a little ride I did not expect !

    I am a very humble man , but also very passionate for my God . One day , I will write some of my testimony , and you will see why . I like to move by the Spirit with confirmation by the word . Only way to move . Right ? So here I go , being a mighty gift , sent from heaven , to help this young man get his feet wet .

    I am all those things stated above , but I underestimated the young man I was serving . God showed me a chosen man who God himself appointed , to carry out a very narrow plan . The key word here is narrow ! I have watched this young man pull appart grown up's fighting like children on a playground !

    I am not a complainer , so I try not to bother Chad with little things , but rather do as the Spirit shows and hope for the best . But being a Moderator , and a part of this plan , God has opened my eye's much more ! But what I saw was shocking !

    Chad was given a call from the Almighty , and I have seen seasoned ministers crumble under what Chad has had to deal with ! If you knew Chad , then you would see what I mean . He has been critisized , and gossiped about , for banning people , and trying to do what God told him to do .

    Some openly post how Chads thinks he is a big shot that will not listen to open conversation . Chad has recieved hatefull emails from both outsiders and members questioning everthing he does here . Hurting his feelings, and mentally abusing him in the most hatefull way !

    I had some issues here at TalkJesus myself and that is no secret . I had such a shamefull day here a couple of weeks ago that I was almost ready to give up ! Not because of others . Because I could not understand why a 20 year Christian who has ministered the most ignorant humans could have lost my control , and took Gods rightuosness , and turned it into self rightousness so easy !

    That night was a Moderator meeting , and I just could not attend it . Well I thought maybe I was going to duck the bullett from the day before . But Chad did me a favor and posted the whole meeting in the Moderator room for me to review the next day .

    In that meeting , Chad laid down some bigtime rules . You see , a good leader will quiet the problem . But a great leader will rid himself of the problem ! Chad told his Moderators that it all starts at the top ! We will be what God say's or we will be gone ! This is a TalkJesus vision given to Chad and that is final !

    I know that Chad anguishes over having to bann a member . He wishes that all people would come to Christ ! But Chad never has lost sight of what God has told him simply to do here . TalkJesus !!! Nothing more . Nothing less ! I have witnessed Chad laying aside his feelings to keep inline with the plan God gave him . He has also constantly been a reminder to me that whatever I do . Make sure the scripture backs it , and you try all you can to help before banning anyone !

    The reason why you haven't heard any of this , is because Chad is not a gossiper ! He protects others ignorence before God instead of showing us all to justify himself ! You wont hear abouth the hatemail , or bellitling's he hears from the very ones he tried to help in private messages and long patience with them ! Oh yes . Chad has given me allot of freedom to do Gods will here ! But not without laying down the rules first !

    I am honored to be a part of TalkJesus , and I am honored to be a servant to Chad and this great vision from God . I also wanted to tell all the crittics that the next time you see a member get banned . Remember that Chad has prayed and waited on God to do that . If someone is openly foolish , then there will be no delay in banning them . But Chad does not get a thrill out of watching a person miss the chance to be here .

    Remember , Chad does own this site just like he owns his shoes ! But he has given it to our Lord to do as our Lord pleases ! Chad alway's gives God the Glory in all that's done here . And Chad also is a child of the very God we serve ! Be thankfull for a servent that put's down bribes and nonsense to stay the course . Chad asks permission from members at times to see if it is right to make changes on his own site ! You know why ? Because he loves every one of us . If he did not , he would be long gone from the headaches that you will never know of .

    I wrote this from my heart , to let everyone here get a little look at the man that God has set over TalkJesus . Chad does not take bribes and will tell me straight out when I am wrong in the future as alway's . The gain from this story is for all of you ! I already have been blessed to see this !

    May Gods Grace Continue to cover all who enter TalkJesus , and may all who enter here be Blessed ! GBU Mike
  2. From what I have read, and the posts I have seen from Chad, he is a very strong person! He's got the love of God in him, and doesn't let other's opinions determine who he is and where he stands with God.
    Praise the Lord for TalkJesus, and Chad for being willing!

    God Bless
    Sis in Christ:love:
  3. Wow, Thanks Brother Mike. that's all I can say, I knew Chad was busy but not that busy. but I do know one thing for sure, Chad loves God, and God loves all of us. Just want to thank you Brother Mike again, and thanks Chad for being so great and loving :). God bless you greatly :)
  4. I am sure many of us have seen and recognize, that Chad has a heart that seeks after God and because of that, this online ministry has and will continue to thrive. God always blesses what is given to Him, and what gives Him honor and glory. May Jesus Christ ever be honored above all in this fellowship, and our prayful support to this ministry be without want for promotion of self or our own personal agenda`s!
    Peanut* once sent me a little card I keep on my fridge, one I need to read often says "Oh Yea! I keep forgetting...It`s not about me...It`s about HIM! :love: Glory to God!
  5. I knew most of the things stated brother but not all . I can never express how greatful I am to have this place to come to. I thank everyone envolved in keeping this place as wonderful as it is but ... Most of my thanks goes to God! I love you all!
  6. That was quite the interesting post Mike, and I thank you for it. I'm new here at TalkJesus and I am very happy to know that the site owner truly seeks the will of our Father in Heaven! May God continue to bless this ministry.

    Blessings in Christ,
  7. Brother Mike thank you for a wonderful and thougtful post! God bless you. All my brothers/sisters here also God bless you too. Thank you for your support, prayers and of course for being right here at the BEST Christian fellowship site on the net! All glory to GOD in Heaven :)

    Thank you Jesus for our reason to be hopeful !!!
  8. How awesome it is to be a part of a ministry that is helping spread the gospel throughout the world!! Chad, I praise God for His call upon your life & I praise Him for your faithfulness to that call....He will finish what He has begun!!
  9. JESUS First, LAST and ALWAYS.

    JESUS First, LAST and ALWAYS.

    Our HEARTS cry out in CHRIST together. WE are ONE.

    Thanks :boy_hug: CHAD :thumbs_up
  10. Chad, I have not been here so long but I truly appreciate all the hard work you put into Talkjesus to make it a safe Christ based community. It can be difficult to distinguish between the normal ones and the crazy ones, I am glad you are here.

    Brother, I was thinking this was gonna be a juicy piece on Chad, like he drives a Rav 4 all over NY City with the sunroof open in winter... lol
    psst Chad, if you drive a Rav 4 you'll have to post a picture with you in it...I will put a picture of me in my German Shepherd Car (aka: Ford Focus station Wagon).
  11. Thankyou Chad !!!!!!!!! I love you and I love talkjesus ! :love: I know that you always do your best for us . I am glad that I have a great place to get help if I needed it . :thumbs_up HEAVENSOUND
  12. Thanks Chad!

    This is not an easy job.

    Jesus bless you.

    (Dear Lord >>> please don't let Chad give up or go crazy, Dave.)
  13. WOW didnt know that...

    so we all get challanged to leave this site. ok then...

    btu yeah WOW i didn tknow that. this took me for liek EVER to read utb i am glad i did...

    Love Simon!!!
  14. Trouble at Mill?

    Hi Chad and Team,

    A stranger to you and the Website and a one day old member who has already had to clean up his act on one Posting due to over zealousness, I'm right you know!!!

    If you are having a wonderfully peaceful time on this site,

    1. There is something wrong with you?

    2. There is always going to be something wrong with a fair proportion of the membership. After all we are all peculiar people, in some cases very, very peculiar people, so we should not be surprised if all is not smelling of roses occasionally?

    1). In amongst the happy smiling clappy posters there will always be a fare proportion of died in the wool whingers! After all you opened the Church doors and let them in didn't you! So what's new?

    2). How about this one, "I want to debate and score my points off whoever is passing at the time and you try to stop me!" Two seconds later, "Oh I do love you and Jesus!" Now where have we heard that one before?

    3). Set against the last one above some are too quiet, afraid to say something for fear of being righteously swotted perhaps from a huge height?

    3. If you lot in the Holy of Holy's are not encountering hostility and opposition of the most mentally violent kind, close the place down for your not doing your job effectively in the front line confronting the enemy in these last days!

    1). If we are all lovey duvey we are not spiritually wide awake and ready to confront the enemy and his cohorts. After all you, sorry we, have let the world and the devil in, it happens everywhere else in Christendom, should we be surprised here?

    2). Jesus expects every man and woman in the family of Christ to do their duty! After all He has given the Love and Power of the Kingdom to mere mortals such as us, use it or loose it!

    3). Care must be taken not to put all this post above, however, in front of all that is being achieved here. I a stranger within your gates experiencing Loving relationships. This Spiritual Field of Religion and I still want to be here! The Fourth Field of Religion that of the Spirituality is always the most fluid and sometimes unstable of the Four! But against that this is where things usually start to happen!!!

    The main point to the argument is we are in spiritual warfare anyway but with just possibly a hint of the Rapture appearing over the horizon? It is perfectly predictable that the forces of darkness are going to do something about it!

    Fortunately for us we have a Blessed Saviour who has already won the war, but there can be casualties in the local battles which may have to be fought by us in this Forum???

    I am not going to utter glib verses here fitting them like platitudes into an attempt to justify my argument above. Just important here to remind everybody about the Armour of Christ fully described by Paul the Apostle. It is not an accident that Paul in the First Century needed it then, so possibly in the Twenty-First Century somebody may need it now!!!

    For His Love endureth for ever, Alleluia. We should give praise and worship for the enemy bothering to throw things at us, you must be doing something right! In spiritual warfare expect to need a spiritual field hospital occasionally.

    Does this make sense?

    It really is a long time since I have received spiritual direction from the Lord like this, I fear I am a little rusty, but thank God for Jesus!

    Has He been resting me for this, or have I been plain lazy?

    Yours in His Loving-tender-kindness,

    Colin a Christian.

    PS. I hope this is of use, it's happen twice today I've started something and haven't known where it was going to end up, exciting isn't it! Better than at the top of the Thread, sickening isn't it!!!

    PPS. Nearly forgot, hows our prayer life doing here. Is it possible that a group of senior members could take time out and prayer daily for this Forum, now how would one do that?
  15. Stranger

    Your not a stranger to me, Colin2000, because I know the voice of the Lord, though you are not him, he is using you. Get un rusty.

  16. #16 Eve, Oct 17, 2005
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2005
    This place is sacred, it is a sanctuary. I found that out recently, when I ran to a church at 8 o'clock on a Sunday, to claim sanctuary and the Church doors were closed. It is it is a sign of the times I suppose. I sat on a bench in the graveyard and felt a little better at least being on holy ground. At the far end of the graveyard I noticed a gang of teenagers. I just had the clothes I was stood up in I wished I had my lap top at that moment.

    God brought me home safely and I came to Talk Jesus that night and I was with my brothers and sisters again. Although we all acknowledge how very important our churches are to us, TJ has been there for people when it has not been possible for the church to be there. That is something we have all been thankful and grateful for.

    A whole hearted big :love: THANK YOU :love:

    God Bless
  17. Hi Eve.
    The sanctuary is a good place. See Ps 73:16-17 :thumbs_up

    This is a beautiful letter and touched my heart. I've been in Chad's shoes more than once, in my life, running chatrooms and websites - and it's really hard, painful, and calls up every bit of strength to do as you say regarding the "banning" of evil and the enemies of God, and those so full of pride about themselves that nothing Christian comes from them, but rather wickedness. To make a TRULY *great* Christian website, Chad will go through many trials; I can promise you, he is going to suffer much; he will take all the severe, hurtful verbal beatings for that kind of banning and making a better website; no, he won't be complaining about it; no, he won't be gossiping about those he banned; and generally, "the friends" of those people (who WILL gossip and complain mightily!) will ASSUME THE WORST of him; they will listen to those who are banned as they gnash their teeth, and whine and moan, and take their sides as the "victims" - and all this all leads to Chad getting the reputation of being mean, etc... instead of a great Champion of Christ that he really is, creating a real sanctuary for the thinking, FAITHFUL-to-scripture Christian. The story is actually pretty old now by 2005 -- and IF IT WASN'T FOR LOYAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU .. who serve him... at a wonderfully Christian website such as this... it wouldn't exist. Period. For one reason alone: There's no way for one human being to fight the enemy and the whole evil world, as they attack for Chad telling the TRUTH - without good, solid friends like you my brother, to strengthen him. Christians like you, who know Chad's goodness, and direction; who see the light in Chad and the TRUTH in what he's built in this corner of cyberspace. The enemy will try to take him down over, and over again... daily... hoping his strength will begin to erode... because as you said, the Rapture is upon us, and Satan wants as FEW of us to be with the Lord as possible ... and YOU must continue to strengthen him. The enemy wants as MANY of us to perish in the burning for God that we would suffer without Jesus. Chad is a MAJOR obstacle for Satan in that goal, for he gets more and more souls closer to Jesus every day. So... may I say... God bless you mightily for standing behind Chad and, my brother, my friend. You've made the wise choice, the best choice... and the only Christian choice. May you flourish here more than ever before at this website, I pray. In Christ, Mrs. Califlower
  19. God sent you at the right time .

    Thank you so very much Mrs. Califlower . :love: Although we are faced with all kinds of troubles , God is there . You can't even imagine how much you encouraged me today . :boy_hug: You have been sent as a vessel of strength , and hope to me in my time of loneliness . May Gods grace and peace be with you as it is with me . :love: :boy_hug: BROTHERSINARMST4G/Mike

    You and Chad avail much. (James 5:16)

    No doubt in my heart that the Holy Spirit vitality in this website is so solid because of your strength and confidence in GOD. Mike, you are indispensable to the unique Godly character of Talk Jesus.

    :love::present: Thank you greatly for sharing your testimonies.

    I wrote you a whole letter, and now all it comes down to is I love you, bro. We love you!

    Sister To Christ

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