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What Would Happen?

What would happen if all those who are being abused by addictive spouses would speak out within the churches, & in public meetings, & if they would ask for prayer for their spouses, including for those who are pastors who are abusive & sexually addicted?

I think we have all been conditioned that this is a private matter, and so we end up suffering in silence, but is that what God intended? I was reading in 2 Corinthians 1 today, and I read Paul's words he wrote to the church where he told the church that he did not want them to be uninformed about his suffering. Then, he went on to list the specific ways in which he was suffering for righteousness' sake. Why did he do this? So they would pray for him and for his deliverance.

I believe that if the abused would speak out and would give prayer requests at church stating what they are going through, short and to the point, that they probably would be rejected, yes, and they will probably face the wrath of their spouses, and perhaps even the wrath of church leaders, but then the church would have to acknowledge how huge of a problem this is and then they would be forced into having to deal with the problem. But, maybe this is what needs to happen for the church to wake up.

I admit I tried this one time at the home of a Christian couple who we had known our whole married lives and even before that, and they immediately hushed it up and then ignored it the rest of the evening. There was another couple there, too, who we had also known for forever who were missionaries on the mission field, and they said nothing, too. This was prompted, though, by the host's question to all of us where he asked if we had any prayer requests. The Lord prompted me to give my request, so I obeyed, although I certainly knew what the responses might be.

It continually amazes me how we can give prayer requests for anything and everything but abuse of a mate, especially if the abuse involves sexual sin. Why is that? I believe that is purposeful, and it is to keep the church asleep, and to keep the reality of this situation hidden and thus not dealt with, which then leaves spouses suffering in silence while the husbands get coddled in their sin, oftentimes.

So, I ask for prayer for me and for my husband. Although he professed a changed heart, his heart appears to have not yet changed, though he says he is working on it, but he has been saying that for years. So, time will tell if this is the real deal or not. He still admits publicly that he identifies more with how the ungodly think and behave than he does with how the godly think and behave. He also admits publicly to having a problem with pride which is what holds him back from dealing with his issues and which holds him back from doing what is right. He is now dedicating his days, it would appear, to working through these issues, so please pray for him and for me. Thank you!
Staff Member
Greetings Sister,

you are both never forgotten amidst my prayers.

Bless you... both ....><>
Staff Member
Also joining in prayer here for this situation.

I wanted to take this opportunity to say to you amadeus2 that you are a blessing to all here in your kindness and love towards all members. A faithful friend of those in need,

Bless you ....><>