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What version is your bible?

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by Lanolin, Nov 14, 2017.

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    We dont always read from the same bibles but just out of interest what bible does everyone have or their most preferred version.

    I wonder if anyone reads the same one as me...I seem to cop a lot of flack for sticking with the one God gave me. Its KJV and He has always given me that one to read. I dont know, every other version just doesnt have that God Breathed spirit in it. Even NKJV didn't gel. When I looked up the same scripture in NKJV for a proverb and compared it to KJV it was completely different! One word was changed in the NKJV and the Proverb didnt make any sense.
    NIV also didnt make sense cos it was missing so much.

    I did use CEV when teaching children but I personally dont read or study from CEV myself. Its also weird how for a childrens bible it has so many footnotes, quibbling about words. I would rather use a paraphrase or retell the story when teaching children, we actually didnt use it that much but it was the one the teachers manual quoted from. I guess depends on what level you at but for 6 year olds its a but much. Anyway, please share.

    If God showed you a certain one or you just found it.

    The christian bookstore sent me their latest catalogue and theres all these different bibles in it.
    I mean how do you even choose. Since theres about two dozen different ones in english alone.

    Or do you just go, well it has a pink cover and flowers on it that means its a girls bible.

    Obviously some versions are more understandable than others, for example, Im glad nobody regularly quotes lolcat bible on TJ.

    The CEV tried to disguise that it was even a bible. Its title was Level 66.

    To this day I never heard of anyone saying I'm reading Level 66. But that is what it has on the cover and title page.
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  2. I love the NIv, NKJV, ESV, get a head ache reading the KJV simply can not get a hang of that old language. One of my instructors uses the Nasb,and my other intructors uses the KJV.
  3. Because I am an american, I prefer the New American Standard Bible or NASB in short. It is translated from the earliest texts to make it more accurate, its considered one of the most accurate bibles out there. But I also like KJV, because its what I grew up with, and its the most popular with many who will accept no other translation in a debate. Now the original greek and hebrew are of course more accurate, because they are what bibles are translated from, but unless you are fluent with both of those languages, and take into account the nuances found in the writing at the time of the writing, which is nearly impossible to do, from 2000 years ago or more. Or.... do what I do, read NASB or KJV, and ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand properly and then trust the Holy Spirit to guide you like promised.
  4. What do you mean 'earliest texts'. Are there 'latest texts'.

    I think its better to just stick to one bible, cos It just seems silly to carry two or more whenever you go to church or a bible study and fluff around!

    Most people just take ONE bible to church. Ive never seen someone take two, but maybe they have one thats got a zillion versions on their phone and waste time trying to find verses.
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  5. I havent met anyone who is fluent in both greek and hebrew. There arent many greek immigrants where I am nor jewish. It would be interesting to meet some though. One of my brothers lawyers said he did know hebrew but...he was charging like $400 an hour to see him so its not like you can just chat to him.

    There is some hebrew in my bible, in the psalms 119 each section is named with the hebrew letter.
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  6. Lanolin,

    For the sake of time, I am going to repost here what I wrote to you in another thread where you brought up this subject, for this is my experience and what I believe on this subject:

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  7. Am still trying to find a bilingual chinese english bible, also an audio version in cantonese.
    I cant read chinese, but if I had the english next to it I could figure it out, and I can listen to it. I requested at one of the asian bible bookstores but they never got back to me. This was years ago, so I find that a bit slack.
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  8. Ok if you american it just seems everyone reads the nasb. Thats ok americans have their own language, just wondering if its much different. I think a lot of misunderstandings come from reading too many different versions thats all.
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  9. Why go back to reading kjv? Well if you got one it does helps for those who read kjv! Cant just ignore it. And it does benefit the reader ...well this one. So you got ONE reader lol. I feel like the odd one out now. :-(

    In contrast why should I read nasb when I dont even have one?
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  10. I think it just helps because if you did read the kjv you would know agape love is trAnslated as charity you wouldnt have to wonder about it.
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  11. If you research any bible, you will find it was usually translated from an earlier bible version, like the Vulgate or even the KJV. Then there are manuscripts or parts of manuscripts that are parts of one book of the bible that are earlier than those two. People doing the translation will sometimes use the earliest portion to avoid multiple language translations of that portion at least, then in the 1940's, there was a treasure trove of religious texts found in Israel in what is termed the dead sea scrolls, which have the earliest of some of the old testament books. The older back you go, the less is lost in translation.

    You only need one bible to carry with you, but in your home collection of books, you can have multiple copies to see the difference if you wish.
  12. Here are some listed you can buy online.
  13. And I forgot about the earliest greek and hebrew bible portions.
  14. I have always read the KJV version in English. I also have a bi-lingual English[KJV]=Spanish [Valera 1960] which is easy to obtain in our area. I also read a Luther Bible printed in 1922. For the German I would like to have a bi-lingual edition with English KJV, but even online, I have had no success in finding one.

    I would never seriously consider changing from the KJV to another as over the years that one matches most closely the construction used in both my Spanish and German Bibles.
  15. Lanolin, I don't think anyone on here... at least I know of no one who thinks you should switch from the KJV to the NASB. We each have a version or versions we prefer, through which we connect with God, and that is great! A lot of people on here quote scriptures from the KJV. I have no issues with that at all. If I don't understand it, then I can go and read it in the NASB or in the ESV or in the NIV84. And, the same applies to you, too. If we are quoting the Bible in a version with which you are unfamiliar, then just read it in the KJV.

    Yes, these other translations are going to use different words from the KJV, but it doesn't make them wrong and the KJV right. I know that the KJV is not the authority on what the real wording should be. Only the original languages in which the scriptures were written are. And, since probably none of us, or not many of us speak in Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic, then we have to rely on English translations or Bible helps to give us the correct wording. And, not one translation has it right all the time, which is why I like to see how it is worded in various translations and then to check that against an interlinear to see the literal word for word translation.

    But, the bottom line is really that we have to depend on God, and on his Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth, and that is the truth we must follow.
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  16. Most definitely, this is the greatest truth.
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  17. I have about five different translation I guess I like the NIV, NRSV and NKJV and the Message the most. I just read them and let the Holy Spirit tell me what he is saying!
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  18. I would like a chinese english kjv version in print and cantonese version in audio.

    There doesnt seem to be any available :-(

    Then maybe mum could read it or hear it.

    I do get confused if people say well we dont even know what charity is or means. What do you mean, it's in the bible! It even gives the definition. But it seems only the KJV bible has this word!!!

    Oh but we have to use the greek word agape and say well its love but not as we know it. Well anyone who has charity MUST know what it means cos charity is selfless and doesnt matter if its your enemy or not. Its kindness. Its patient. It isnt rude, all this describes charity. Charity isnt just a a 'love offering' its love no questions asked. Charity doesnt keep a record of wrongs...have you ever had a charity that withheld from anyone who needed it just because they did something wrong? So we DO have a word in english that means agape and it has already been translated.

    If we love others who love ourselves back, what credit is it to you, sinners do the same. This is why so much charity helps the poor and needy cos they cannot give anything in return.

    Sometimes it does pay to just have a look at KJV if a verse or passage in a differnt translation is raising questions or not making sense. Im not saying that it ought to be the only english version everyone has to read but dont dismiss it just cos its old.
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  19. Hmm well the thing with KJV is, most all of the time it is right. I mean I have come across many other bible versions that people use and you go and compare them and KJV comes out tops. Lord knows why. You go and compare all the versions on verses in bible hub and some of them have gaps or even NO verse where there is actually meant to be a verse!!

    Let me put it this way. Its a Bible translation that christians who speak english have trusted for over 400 years and faith was a lot stronger and less diluted when there was this bible thay everyone read but many of the modern versions are so wishy washy you wonder if people were trying to edit or dumb down the Bible.

    And im sure Hebrew and Greek just cos they are ancient languages nobody is going to dismiss just cos its old. God's word was written down thousands of years ago of course its going to sound old or foreign to the way we ordinarily speak. The Hebrew in the bible probably sounds old to hebrew speakers today.
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  20. I had this lady in one if my bible studies, she was younger than me, look at my bible and dismiss it cos it was too old. She told me I had to get a new one. She had a shiny new one with silver edges and commentaries and everything and it looked very expensive whereas mine was old and falling apart. Well she was the one struggling to understand some basic teachings despite this shiny new bible of hers. I think it was NIV or one that had 'new' in the title. Well new doesnt necessarily mean better.
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