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what to do?

im a young musician playing at my chruch. i have a problem, we have two praise and worship leaders and the one is a guy and he plays the guitar. now he shouts (literly) when he sings and he maks all the words of the songs so bad you could hardly regonised the sing. like this one time he sang the song: these thousand hills by third day and he tottally raped the song!
does anybody know what i can do please help me!! :confused:
your sister in christ, vlooi
the only thing u can really do is pray bout it... and ask if u could lead a song maybe? i duno.. but defintely pray bout it, an GOD will take care of the situation is HIS timing ok?
I'm kind of in the same boat as you are, we have some peopel on our worship team who can't sing worth beans, and this lady who runs the sound board who's a guitar nazi. So we have people who can't sing turned up really loud because they're her family and my brother who plays a very good acoustic turned down so much you can't hear him at all. I play bass so I have my own amp but they request that I play so quitely that I can't be heard either. Any ways I know your pain but for now2 there is nothing i can do that wont offend some peopel so i'll just have to wait until god changes it.
theres the same problem

in my church... there is one guy he is also the lead and plays guitar but he cant sing even if his life depended on it
and even tho i have a few different ways to tell him to shut up i really dont think that it is our places im not really sure what you going to do tho
because i need the same advice!
thank you all for your advice i really appreciate it and i also had some good laughs especially with you tarren thanks again!!
Maybe you could pray for his voice to not annoy you as much, and concentrate more on god when you are worshiping, and youll see you problem dissapear, once you are focussed completely on god.