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What Should the Weary Do?

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"Come to Me, all [you] who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

When you carry heavy burdens, when you grow weary, when you long for rest, and when you wonder if you can take one more step, Jesus calls you to Himself. He doesn't demand any particular action or mind-set. He knows full well that you're weary, so the invitation is spare and simple.

When Jesus calls you, He only tells you to come as you are. Isn't that a relief? Rather than telling you to get your act together or to wait until you're ready for a greater commitment, He tells you to come at your worst. When you're tired, hopeless, or weighed down with many worries, Jesus tells you to stop waiting around or trying to get your act together. Come as you are, right now.

While He doesn't guarantee solutions or the removal of your burdens, He assures you that coming to His presence will result in rest. If you come to Jesus, things will get better, even if you still bear your burdens.

You don't have to keep soldiering on. Weariness and many burdens become your "qualifications" in coming to Jesus for rest and restoration. Perhaps you'll only be prepared for transformation if you first come to the end of yourself.
Thanks for such an uplifting message. I can testify to the peace that the Lord gives us when we are burdened and come to the end of ourselves. When we pray during those hard times our prayers are somehow more potent with heartfelt passion, a key I believe to really connecting to God. Then we have truly shed our own way of doing things and come to him as a broken and empty vessel for him to fill us with his peace. I testify he does and is the Prince of Peace. Amen.