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what saved means

I am all ready saved, but someond at school recently asked me what the word saved means and what were saved from. I tried to explain that that means we're saved from Hell and that that's when ur a follower of Jesus. But she didn't understand.
So I would just like some input on what saved means and some ways to explain it that people will understand it easier.
SAVED ... I hope this will help you . When you get saved , you're life and purpose of life , gets restored back to the FATHER in heaven , who planed you're life before you were even born . Now you have eternal life , and you're spirit will never die , but live with GOD forever . Now lets talk about the natural realm , or earthly life . It's hard for a person to understand saved until they understand lost ! This understanding comes from reading you're bible , and fellowshiping with other christians . It's like a poor person doesn't know they are poor until they understand riches . The word of GOD opens up you're understanding to the sin nature of the world and it's consequences . Obedience to the word will keep you from allot of traps and bondages that people don't even know they are in . People who are blinded by sin are just that , blinded ! Until people understand that they don't have to be under bondage , or even recognize the difference between freedom and bondage , they will not feel the need to be saved . Pray for understanding for yourself , and also that the eyes of others would be opened to the truth of GODS plan for them . I hope I have helped you . BIG-BROTHER
Intresting that you ask this question.I work at best buy and people are starting to notice the change im experienceing in my religion.And they are always asking questions.And i have a feeling that this is going to be one of them really soon.So thanks for some insight BROTHERSINARMST4G.

Have a blessed day everyone.
sry if i would have read your thing completely, that would have helped.. I believe we are saved from Gods wrath... God cant let anything impure in heaven. Now dont get me wrong, Hell wasnt created for us, but it is where we will go if we dont accept Him. As far as your friend, i am not sure what all you could say to help her understand. Sometimes it helps to give an illistration when explaning some things of God... i know a lot of times people use God as being a father, and us as being the kids... so you could say something to the effect that... Our dad is running the household, but all the little kids are running amuck making a mess of the place. Now, in order for dad to get his kids to stop tearing up the place hes gonna have to scold them, but if the kid comes up to his or her dad and apologises and repents, i believe the father will save the child from the punishment.... again, this isnt completely useable i guess, cause if you kill someone and repent to God, truely, I do believe He will forgive you, but that doesnt mean the earthly punishment on you will be lifted. You dont even have to use my example, but it might help your friend if she was explained this with a situation she understands. Sorry if i am completely far off topic here or if nothing i said makes sense... i tend to have that effect lol. Hope all goes well.
Hello Reba,

To me it is the total embracing of Jesus as my Saviour. He is central to all that I do, say and hear. His hand guides me, His compassion comforts and forgives me if I stray and He brings a focus into my life. As believers we are fortunate that in good times and bad He is our friend, a rock and a refuge.With Him in my life I believe I can achieve anything in line with His will. To accept Him is to give him room to work through us and in us.My day starts with dedicating all that I am to Him and ends with prayers of thanks for the day He has given me. There are many who will quote scripture in support of their witness but I am no scholar just a pilgrim finding my way with the help of the Lord.There is an old Irish Christian prayer - St. Patrick's Breastplate that says it better than I can as to how important God is in my life.Perhaps you can look at it on the web but it simply asks Christ to be everywhere at all times with me and those who are around me.God Bless you and I hope your friend finds the joy of our Lord in her life.
When dealing with people inquiring about salvation, I think it is more important to tell them what we are saved "to" than to start out with what we are saved "from". We are saved "to" spend eternity in a glorious-beyond-description enviornment called Heaven with the Lord Jesus. That's a good deal, folks!

Of course they need to know about being saved "from" eternal damnation. But, if someone would have emphasised that to me when talking about salvation, I would have been turned off. I was more interested in what good things I would receive than what bad things I would avoid.

I am interested in this as i am learning allot and do not understand alot too ha! but i dont agree with spiritleded because everyone is always after the good bits in something like a salesman will tell you if he wants to sell you something.
Just the good bits about god? or is that a good reason to join him and belong. i dont think so.

i have been thinking alot about this because i am not joined to god but because i think the only reason i should be joined to god is to be true and i should agree with everything god says or i should not bother as i would not be being true and god would know anyway. so he would know if i just wanted the good bits only and i dont think that is cool at all.

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Anything that GOD tells us to do, he does not force upon us but He tells us because He is our Creator and knows what is best for us. He has a purpose for our lives and His will be done , not ours. GOD loves us, understands our needs and knows us better than we know ourselves.

Matthew 10:30
And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

GOD sent Jesus Christ to pay the price so that we may receive eternal life through Him and while on earth redemption of sins, communication to the Father in Heaven. Jesus paid the price of our debt (sins) and redeemed us (Redeemer)

Revelation 1:6
To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood, and has made us to be a kingdom and priests to serve his God and Father—to him be glory and power for ever and ever! Amen.

Heather, regarding the "goodbits only" part: if I understand correctly what you mean, well there are no "bad" bits about GOD. GOD through Jesus Christ already saved us from eternal damnation (the 'bad' part about the afterlife).

As we grow in faith GOD leads us by the Holy Spirit. He helps us grow, mature, repent and become filled with the wisdom of GOD. Like parents (godly) that teach their children from right and wrong GOD also does the same for us. That is why He tells us to follow the simple ten commandments. Because He cares about us and knows what is best for us.
no bad bits in god

ok Chad, i have written down the ten commandments that peeps posted me. i am looking at them every day and will try to do them

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We all try to live by the ten commandments, but we will all fall, that is why God sent Jesus Christ, because without Him we can't do it. The first step is to know we are all sinners everyone of us and we continue to sin even after we know Him. We are saved by His grace. He forgives us. His mercy is new each morning. We love Him because He first loved us. Jesus Christ loves you and will receive you just the way you are. We don't have to clean ourselves up for Him to receive us. In receiving Him, we open the door for change in us our lives and our desire is to change, to please Him.

Your sister in Christ,
Alabasterbox :girl:

Amen the ten commandments (law) had shown us that we cannot be right with God. We needed a sacrificial lamb we needed blood without the shedding of blood would be no remission of sin that is why the priest in the old testament had to kill pure rams and stuff. But when Jesus came He fulfilled the law that is why we are under grace and not the law. And if you just "believe and confess with your mouth you will be save (Romans 10:9)."

Be BLess
What it means to me to be Saved is that my eyes are now open. I see the world as it truly is (mostly self-centerd, and money focused, and full of SIN). The Gospel of JOHN and the book of ROMANS will really help you. Read those two and show the people that question you, these scriptures, Start with Romans 3:23 then go to Romans 6:23 then go to Romans 10: 9&10. For cross reference go to John 3:16. I hope this helps.
"Saved" means something different for us all....I mean,it all has one thing in common,to be saved from God's wrath of destruction...
For me,'saved' meant giving all my troubles to God,and pouring my heart out.It meant being able to talk to Him,and have Him talk back(although,nowadays,I don't hear Him much) through prayer.It means loving God with your all,and believing...Truly believing that He loves me and has a plan for me...

What it takes:
It's not an immediate thing,but changes happen gradually..I hope you understand...