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What makes us equal

We come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Yet we are equal, because, we have human life, and all human lives are equal because we are all created in the image of God. We must therefore have utmost respect for every human life and love and serve them unconditionally. The Sanskrit word, “namaste”, means, I bow down before the divine that is within you. When we become selfish and proud we reject God. When we reject God we loose respect for human life. This leads to injustice and evil in the world. Since the most priced and beautiful creation of God is human life, it is the first target evil attacks. Since human life begins through conjugal love, evil attacks it through the instrument of contraception. Contraception makes conjugal love sterile. Since love always aims to be fruitful, removal of this intent through contraception removes love from conjugal union and converts it to a selfish act. Furthermore, since contraception goes against conception of a new life, it goes against human life. This makes people numb when they destroy human embryos during IVF or kill their babies in the womb through abortion. It also increases divorce, because without true love it is difficult to sustain marriage. This creates a secular culture devoid of true love, leading to abortion, euthanasia and murder. It also creates a culture that makes human being commodities for sexual pleasure.
I have dealt with certain kinds of people whom are supportive of all kinds of dystopian societies (like this whole, "Thanos did nothing wrong!" stuff) as long as it is SOMEONE ELSE who gets hurt. Unfortunately, we are all "someone else" to someone else. Now, when people are supportive of killing off certain kinds of people based on their ability, this is also flawed thinking because all it will take is for someone much more capable than them to start deciding their worth to society. Where does it start and where does it end?

Eugenics is also a very slippery slope. Much suffering was created in the late 19th century and early 20th century because of our flawed understanding of genetics at the time. While I am aware this will invoke Godwin's Law, we all read about the logical extremes this eventually lead to. Even then with Godwin's Law, why classify historical fact as a logical fallacy? This is not seeking truth, this is simply denying reality for the sake of winning a debate. Furthermore, who really decides what traits are useful or not? The Nazis prized blonde hair and blue eyes the most. Off the top of my head, I cannot even think of a single benefit from these. Once the next generation comes in, what will they believe are the most desirable traits?

So in ability, we may not be equal but in dignity and worth, we all are. The fact that this idea is so controversial stands as a testament of our fallen, sinful human nature, no matter how we try to justify it with math and science. Just remember: science has a tendency to produce quotes like, "Hey, you know that scientific concept we told you was fact for the last fifty years? Turns out, IT WAS WRONG!"
What makes us equal is when we treat our enemies as well as we do ourselves. When we love them instead of killing them. When we say what's mine is yours without charge. In essence, when we live the Sermon on the Mount.
You’re delving into multiple issues. You start off with why we are equal. You digress into the theory of conjugal love or at least your personal world view of conjugal love.

Equality is an easy issue to resolve.

God loves us all equally, that’s where the equality is applied but the universe operates on hierarchy and that’s where equality ends. There really isn’t any such thing as egalitarianism. If there were, we’d be “gods” too. Interestingly enough isn’t that what man strives for? To become equal with God or to replace him? And we model this in our society and call it democracy.

In reality its hierarchy. God is at the top foremost. I am. The Beginning and The End. Angels are next. Humankind is next. But humankind is further structured. Male is first. Female is subordinate to male. And child is subordinate to both. Below human is animal. Next is the earth itself.

Let’s mix this hierarchy up because in implementation, its different on earth. Its different on earth because Satan run amok with no checks and balances. In the world the hierarchy is twisted and goes like this. Satan is first. His demons, the humanoids and the Nephilim are next. The earth is next. Mankind and animals are basically equal in last. God is no where to be found.

But let’s break down how Satan ranks humankind. Female is first. Male is last. Matriarchs eventually replace patriarchs. Very evident in western culture today, yes?

God says to humankind be fruitful and multiply and subdue the earth.
Satan says the earth must subdue humankind and/or humankind must be subordinate to the earth. Sound familiar into today’s echo chambers? Climate Change or global warming, anyone? Its new neo druidism of the 21st century.

But let’s move on. Feminism opposes the patriarchy. Women are no longer required to be moral, to be a wife, to be a mother and certainly not subordinate a man. Women are empowered legally to take life, abortion (or spiritually offer Satan a sacrifice whilst serving the feminist’s spiritual doctrine.) A vast majority of men are no longer able to marry and not able to procreate whilst fewer men are having more intimate relations with more women. And woman’s sexuality becomes fluid where being with a man is no different than being with a woman. Men alternatively choose homosexuality and if they don’t choose homosexuality, they strive for the perfect substitute such as pornography and artificially intelligent robots, that will look and behave, as modeled to be the perfect woman. Then its all ends. Because sin isn’t sustainable. Because God’s hierarchy trumps Satan’s implementation of hierarchy and Satan hierarchy basically defies universal laws, so it fails, as seen human history time and time again.

A female is not equal in authority on earth to a male, but a male treats her as if she were equal, because of God’s love through the male. She subordinates to him and God takes care of her through the male. Feminism would find this appalling because its Satan’s objective (where feminism is a means to an end) negates God’s mandate, be fruitful and multiple and subdue the earth, which requires a tremendous amount of precreation and willing females to adore their husbands and submit willing to them.

Feminism transforms the wife into a prostitute. She no longer obeys her so called husband but rather uses her sexuality as a value of exchange to fulfil earthly wants and desires. She marries him placing benchmarks of expectation of where she should be in ten years, fifteen years or twenty years and if he fails to achieve that benchmark, she has no problem ending the marriage regardless of the investment and move on the next male, who she hopes can achieve.

If during the marriage she’s not getting what she wants, she’s withholds intimacy from her so-called husband punishes him and manipulates him. And of course, manipulation is type of witchcraft.

There. I just described Western Culture and predominately the United States. This is why the United States will fail and fall. Our culture defies God’s hierarchy. It will fall, just like many other cultures in the past have already fallen. Chaos will ensue, wreaking death and destruction. But God is rediscovered and the natural laws of God’s hierarchy are reimplemented and the human family begins the thrive again. Then a new nation state is formed based on biblical principles. It grows. It prospers. It becomes soft. It takes for granted its history. It forgets the sacrifices made that made it great. And once again it evolves in gynocentric matriarch and then it crumbles.

In the United States who the most hated? Men. Especially Caucasian men between 40 and 65 years of age. Because the vast majority of the men stand up for biblical principles of marriage, women being subordinate to men and stand against homosexuality. Who has the highest suicide rate? Caucasian men in the midlife. Divorced. Lonely. Using Porn. Their wealth taken. Everything they invested in decades past, gone, wasted, time they’ll never get back.

I digressed some no different than arunangelo, but there you have it. Equality! Isn’t it wonderful?

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