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What it means to be saved

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What does it mean to be saved?
Is it just an amen after every prayer?
A halleujah after we praise and worship?
Is it giving ourselves up for something greater to take our place?
An overload of happiness and peace unexplainable by meer words?
Is it constant persecution for your beliefs?
Is it the ulimate transformation for a greater reward?
It it love for everyone even your enemies?
Forgiving those who caused you pain so unbearable you couldn't heal on your own?
Compassion for others in pain?
A hand for those in need?
Being a servant to all?

It's calling on the name above all names causing miracles to happen.
Being cleansed with His blood has made you so white you are like fresh snow.
All your sins forgiven and washed away.
Your heart grows bigger as the process brings happiness and rids the anger and unforgiveness of past hurts.
Being apart of something so great you can't imagine.
Having strength when you are about to give up.
A friend, counselor, and guidance you never had before.
Having faith in Him even though you can't see Him because you know He's there surrounding you like the air you breathe.
Being called a child of God and feeling a love so pure and unconditional no one but Him could give it to you.
Being free and denying yourself because you believe.
This is what it means to be saved.
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