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What Is Your Favorite Style of Christian Music

What is your favorite style of Christian music?

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i had to choose other i like the old time gospel music
i listen to rock and country before i got saved
and when i hear it now it reminds me of my old life and if i started listening to it , who's to say i wouldn't start liking it again and go back to the old sounds i used to like

talking to a new comer to church, married my wife's best friend
he got saved and still listen to rock music ---he said there was nothing wrong with it..............
so he begins telling me about people he is witnessing to at work...........
so i ask him.........
what if you have really got this person interested in what your talking about they may even concider coming to church to see what this is all about.......your walking though the parking lot talking about the good ways of the Lord ,,and you get to your truck........ still talking ........you get in and roll down the window.....still talking (which is easy to do about the Lord ya kinda lose track of time)
your fixing to leave, you start you truck and that old van halen song runnin with the devil is blaring from your radio ...........whats running through this guys mind as you pull off?
I love praise and worship music. I got given 3cd's called 'The Best Worship Songs Ever' by a member of my cell group at church and it is truly amazing. In fact I have it playing now... 'Here I am to Worship'-by Tim Hughes. I always feel so peaceful when I listen. Amazing
i chose other.. mostly because i enjoy both Metal, HXC, and Punk..
(focused, the blamed, some of the older mxpx, ...ect)
I like many styles of christian music...rock, punk, praise and worship...ect. I like alot of different styles.
I really like Jeremy Camp, Phillips Craig and Dean, Casting Crowns and Mercy Me. Some songs are a little to metal for me but the majority of their music is awesome.
I love praise the worship because it draws me closer to Jesus- He wants us all to have a close initimate relationship with Him. He loves for us to spend time alone with Him.
I picked rock, because that's what I listen to the most. Tait and Newsboys mostly. Though the NB's have been more worship lately, which I love. It kind of depends on my mood though.
I love Spirit Worship . Prayer and Worship at the same time allowing the Holy Spirit to move in my heart . Mike
I listen to all different styles of Christian music from rock (Stellar Kart, Switchfoot) to praise and worship (Hillsong United)


I like praise and worship music because its so pleasant to feel the anointing and presence of JESUS!
There is one song by “blind-side” and it is a really good song.
I like all kinds of Christian music. It doesn't make a difference to me. As long as I am really praising Jesus!
:note: Do I have to pick just one! :note:

I :love: all of it, don't care for the rap to much.

Your sister in Christ,
:note: AlabasterBox:note:

I'm mostly into Rock, well different types of rock. And i'm also really into praise and worship, so i can't really choose...
I liten to rock of all kinds from the hardest to the softest. you guys should check out becoming the arch type if your into metel.