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What is wrong with cloning?

We are created in the image of God (who is love) (Gen. 1:27) and are a product of God’s love expressed through our parents union of love (Eph 5:25). Artificial insemination, in-vitro fertilization and cloning procedures therefore, dehumanize human reproduction, by taking the act of unitive love (Gen. 2:24) out of it and converting it into a purely cellular process. Furthermore, during in-vitro fertilization and cloning procedures, lethal violence is committed against many human beings, who (as embryos) are destroyed; thus breaking God’s commandment (Exodus 20:13). Some of these procedures also deprive the resultant human beings the dignity of knowing their origin (biological parents), causing them grave injustice and psychological trauma.

Unitive love, which is conjugal union in marriage, is inseparable from procreation, because, conjugal union’s physiological purpose is procreation. These procedures, therefore, dehumanizes unitive love. This causes division, divorce and turmoil. During therapeutic cloning, human beings are cloned, then killed in their embryonic stage and then their cells are harvested for medical use. This procedure, therefore, is one-step up in its evil intend compared to the other type of cloning.

Biologically, our humanity is determined by our genetic make up and not by our stage of development. Furthermore, an embryo is a stage in human development; just as infant, toddler, youth and adult are. Therefore, to justify killing of frozen embryos, which are doomed to die from being discarded, is similar to killing prisoners in the concentration camp for research, because they are doomed to die.
Staff Member
Great thread brother. I think (as it is obvious by GOD's Living Word) cloning is certainly wrong and purely evil. I also think in some ways its man's pride (scientists who are unbelievers) to accomplish this task and say "look what we can do without GOD".

The sad and strange part is the "fiction" of older movies like Blade Runner and some other Sci-Fi are becoming reality now.

I agree that cloning is not of God. It is clear from the very way in which we were created by Him, that reproduction was only intended as a result of a man and woman being joined together physically in an expression of love. Of course, the man and woman being both married (the marriage bed is undefiled).

Any other way, like with cloning, is going against God's perfect design. Anything in opposition to God is always Satan.