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What is true love?

Love is the spirit of total, unconditional, self-giving service to others. It unconditionally surrenders itself to others, in order to help them. To love, therefore, is to unconditionally and selflessly serve others. Similarly, to fall in love, is to make a decision to unconditionally serve others. In addition, to be holy is to live a life of love. Love is compassionate. It is unaffected by feelings or emotions; it does not make a distinction between friend or foe, loyalist or traitor, faithful or unfaithful, saint or sinner, rich or poor, young or old, born or unborn, black or white, countryman or alien. Love forgives and helps even those who inflict hate, ridicule and hurt by going an extra mile to bring them healing. Therefore, if we hate, reject or condemn anyone in our heart, we cannot have true love for anyone. Furthermore, the degree to which we love our worst enemy is the degree to which we have true love in our heart. It is also the degree to which we truly love God.

Love is patient and kind: it is not jealous or conceited or proud; it is not ill mannered or selfish or irritable (1 Cor.13: 4-8). Love and humility therefore, are inseparable. Love delights in the success of others, shares in their sufferings and is never happy about its opponent's failures. It does not compete with or try to get ahead of others, prove its superiority over others or judge or ridicule others. It is therefore, free of anxiety. Love is the only truth, because, it is eternally the same and does not change with time or circumstances. Love, therefore, is always faithful and truthful, and never situational.

When a person does anything wrong (even when it is done in good conscience), it hurts that person and the society. Therefore, those who exercise true love help others to correct their errors; and though they do not condemn them, they do not accept what is wrong. They unceasingly persuade others to do what is right, and help them to build a life of love, by making them aware of the spirit of love that is within them. In order to change their hearts they pray and make sacrifices for them. Prayer, practice and preach are three ways to help others to accept God’s life. Of these prayer is the most important method, because, by prayer we accept God’s help (which is the most powerful tool). Our practice of love reflects God’s love, which draws others to God. Preaching explains to them what God’s love is all about, so that they understand what they have already experienced through our practice.

Love always forgives and never seeks revenge. It forgives by showing mercy and by making sacrifices in the process of helping their offenders. Those who practice true love never seek reward for acts of love, because, acts of love are God’s (who is love), not theirs. On the contrary, they are exceedingly thankful to God, for performing acts of love through them. Furthermore, they respect every human life, because, they recognize the presence of God in them.

True love is never rude, jealous or lustful, and never seeks interest of one over the other. It does not brood over injury, because, it does not think about self and is always forgiving. It therefore, always has peace. Since God is love, those who exercise love trust God and live His life. This gives them hope in themselves and others. In addition, those who exercise love, share a common spirit, which is the life of God. Love therefore, is unitive. Since love always respects and protects others, those who exercise love do not need laws in order for them to respect and protect others. They are therefore, free from the law.
Thank you for taking the time to write that post !
Love's in need -- of Love today ....Stevie Wonder ... 1976
How true he was . GOG BLESS all who read you're words about LOVE .
BROTHER :note2: :note: :note: :note2: :note2: :love:
That was an awesome explanation of love. It also sums up how every christian should live. Eventhough we give love it also essential that we renew this love daily or we risk the inevitable spirit of bitterness and resentment when we see no change occurring it takes love of perseverance and all that you said. Stay in love with god. Your Brotha in christ :love: