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What is the most inspiring film you have seen?

I must say i have never seen Passion of the Christ, but i think another good one would be A WALK TO REMEBER because it shows me how much one person can make a difference and also how God does have a plan for us even though we think it might be something else.
hmmm.... I would say like vlooi did A WALK TO REMEMBER!!!cause i dont know just really love that movie i guess cause it shows how dreams and wishes can come true...but all at the time they are supposed to happen...and i think cause it shows how god lets things happen even if we dont expect them.....

god bless
What is the most inspiring film you have seen?

"The Apostle",be cause it shows the true meaning of what it is to follow Christ Jesus in all things and situations in the current times.
"Tender Mercies" because it shows God's work in the individual in these times.
"Charlie Brown Christmas" I have yet to see any movie ,series or play that more truthfuly expresses the truth of Christianity today.
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I thought The Passion was truly amazing. I also liked Crash the movie about racism in L.A. it was a very powerful film!!!
Every time I watch "Remember the Titans", I cry when the girl shakes the player's hand after the big win. I laugh when the head coach's daughter says to the other coach's daughter, "Cheryl...I---don't---care."

I don't even like football all that much, but I like this movie, because it untangles human hearts and unravels prejudice. It is also a true story!
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SpiritLedEd said:
Undoubtedly, "The Passion of the Christ". I saw it three times and the images of Christ's suffering are still vivid in my mind.


Same here. That movie blows away any other Jesus based movie [in my opinion]. There is no denying that the Holy Spirit moved in that movie