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What is the glory of God?

Jesus’ love and mercy for us is infinite. During his horrific passion (Mark 15), he was concerned about the pain and suffering we would have to bear (because of our sins) (Luke 23:26-28), and not about his own pain and suffering. His pain and suffering were infinitely greater than what were visible to the onlookers, because, they were pain and suffering inflicted on an infinite, holy and sinless God. Furthermore, in order to save us from eternal suffering, He took the suffering of every human being upon Himself.

Though God is infinitely more powerful than all the rulers of the world combined, he did not offer resistance when he was mocked, spat upon, humiliated and brutally scourged. He did this to completely empty himself of self on our behalf, so that we may be free of sin, and thereby find peace and joy. This is what love is. It is not to just forget what our offenders have done to us, but to go all out, even to the extent of loosing our own life, in order to help them to recover from their destructive way of life.

When one human being lays down his life for another, it is a great love; but when God who is infinite lays down His life for human beings (who are so insignificant compared to him), its magnitude is infinite. Love therefore, has no limit. Because love is unconditional, if we hold back anything in the process of helping others, it is not true love.

Because God is love, Jesus who is God, is “love incarnate”. He expresses divine love, which is infinite, in human form. It is impossible for finite beings like us to understand the infinite love of God. However, when we see divine nature in his human form, we get a faint glimpse of the magnitude of his love. In other words, when we realize that in order to save us, an infinite God took a human form; and not just a human form, but also a human form that was rejected, battered, humiliated and killed (by a method reserved for the worst criminal); we faintly realize the magnitude of His love. In His battered, beaten and crucified body, we therefore, see the glory of God (1 Cor 1:18).
The Glory of God is basically the manifestation or the outshowing of God.

When I consider that Jesus showed out God's glory through the cross I am overwhelmed with the fact that the willingness to suffer and humility are the great characteristics of our Lord. And when we see Jesus we see God our Heavenly Father. Man, including Christian, walk in pride and in recognition of great deads and accomplishments. Our Father in Heaven displays humility. It is all very mind boggling and deserves more than these few stumbling words. Paul tried to convey it in Philippians 3.


you are so correct, we cannot begin to imagine the love that our Lord blesses us with. we cannot begin to imagine the true grace and mercy of this love.

He came here to this earth to offer His life in service for all, so that all who could hear and see would be saved and would have life.

He has thaen called us all to follow in His footsteps, to not only believe in His love, mercy and sufferings for ourselves, but to practice this love, to pray in this love and to offer ourselves into His hands, to walk and talk among all peoples, loving and serving as He did.

i praise Him and i worship Him,for He alone is worthy of our praise and worship, and He alone is worthy of our lives

God bless

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Jesus is Lord!

"He was clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God" (Revelation 19:13, NKJ).

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for Jesus; thank you for your Word; thank you for our salvation; and thank you for your love toward us. Your Majesty is glorious. In Jesus Name. Amen.
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