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What is having Favor with God?

Discussion in 'Counseling' started by Brighthouse, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. First let us look at some scripture,some promises, if you will. Psalm 105:15.then verse 19! Until!!! the time that his word came to pass,the Word of the Lord tested him! We are sustained according to God's Own Word!( Psalm 119:116-117)

    The very Word of God which we read and speak affects our very life! ( psalm 119:169-176!) We place a guard over our lips,at least we struggle to!! ( Psalm 141:3) WHY??? Do we do these things??

    For what purpose? For this reason!!!( psalm 90:17!!) Let the favor of the Lord our God BE UPON US;AND!!!! confirm for us;the work of our hands;YES!!!! confirm the work of our hands!My brothers and sister in Christ!

    Before any of us can have favor, with our Lord,we must first know what that truly is? We must also learn how to achieve this for our own life,before we can hand this gift out to others to share!

    Favor from God does not come with cost either! We are tested!! Our life is tested,we are tested by those we know in the Lord,and out of the Lord,we are tested on the job we work at,we are tested at the mall we visit,everything we do! By our words we speak!( matt 12:36-37)

    By who we are right now, we measure such things against where we are following. Are we able to attain grace needed for favor? For we sure each need this!! Grace is a very real part of our salvation,it is by this grace we are saved!( Eph 2:8-10) Works is not made to have grace,works comes because of the grace given to us! Works is the outcome from grace established by God to us.

    None of us could ever work hard enough to make grace established,but works is sure an outcome from having grace!

    GRACE!!! obtains favor! Favor obtains works,and works obtains love! ( john 12:46-50) ( John 15:10-17) For love is perfected by doing! One cannot love without doing it! From this doing comes our fruit,or our result,which is favor!

    Now having favor does not mean no bad things happen to us! Ask Job,ask Paul,for each of us have weakness.( 2 Cor 12:9-10!!) But God said MY grace!!! is sufficient for you!! why?? because through weakness we all have, we all are made strong By this! Think back to when you first came to the Lord,is your faith in him not much stronger now then it was?If not, then!! Like I had to, we must examine ourselves!( 2 Cor 13:5)

    Perhaps we as I did,did not test myself enough! We all make mistakes in life!! But what many do not do!! Is learn from them! Grace teaches,grace gives us a time, a season, to learn.We have to learn!

    We have no choice in this matter! SURE!! We can remain the same!! as a child!( 1 Cor 13:11) But the Word teaches us,that a child grows,whether they wish to or not! It is the law of both the flesh and Spirit. Favor is not a hope,favor is an act, given, and taken!

    Hope is the learning part to having favor.( rom 15:13) Having joy and peace believing,meaning using our faith!( Hebrews 11:6) So that!! Favor cannot only be received!! But rather established in us!! So we in turn do what, just keep it?? No my brothers and sister,so we can in turn GIVE this! To Others!!

    Just like we give LOVE! If you are the same on your job as you first began,can you be moved up? How can you ever become a boss,if you have not learned as a servant? How can you establish for others, if you remain the same? That is on the job training!

    In Christ we are learning how to follow,so that we can teach others to do the same! We are not over any,God is our Boss! But God himself also has disciples,that is what we are to attain! That is our goal! From this,we not only obtain favor,but establish this for those we teach in Jesus!

    And from those we teach in God' love, an action! We indeed render all glory to the God who made us! We all point upward! We all become a living testimony! We are saved by that grace,because we LOVE! Even as Jesus first loved us!!( 1 John 4:7-19!!!)

    The fruit that is born,does not rot,it is always fresh,because we stay humble in our Lord Jesus! ( James 4:6-10!!) ( 1 Peter 5:5-11)

    We know without him,nothing can ever be possible! just know this!!No matter what you think,or what you believe!! With God ALL things are indeed possible!( Luke 1:37) Give yourself a break!! You have great worth! You matter!! And Jesus not only loves you,but always has loved you!! From the time you were even born!!( psalms 139:13-18!!) See for yourself!! Blessing all!

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