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What is freedom anyway?

As I was thinking in my heart of hearts i was thinking what is the meaning of freedom. Everyday i see my mom get up early in the mourning to go to school then work. She comes home go to sleep then wakes up and look at t.v. All day she did what someone else told her to do besides sleeping. Lets look at life as a whole, we are bound by the understanding that without rules we will ultimately be bound to the rules of anarchy and subject to a dog eat dog world. As a young man of god it is hard to except that fact that, once i was saved i became free from hell, bondage of sin and darkness. But I realize that i have entered into a slavery to christ. Dont get me wrong i love christ and what he did for me on calvary but i still feel like a caged animal. For you to get my disposition i will propose a play upon words. How free can you be when you become free to slavery, a slave for christ is a slave for love but when a man hates his own freedom as a slave he wants more, perhaps FRIENDSHIP. In John 15:14-16 Jesus explains that your my friends now because all the things that he has heard of his father he has made known to us. So what is freedom anyway, I believe its a uninformed way of praising god. Being saved and not knowing why, loving god and not knowing for what, living and not knowing what for. It seems like a slave mentality to me. I ask for friendship. What do you think?