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What is faith?

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What is faith (In God)?
Since God is love, to have faith in God, is to have complete trust in the unconditional love Jesus expressed for us on the cross. It is also to believe that through love, we can conquer every evil in the world. Since, love is a force; it is always expressed through actions. Therefore, when we have faith in God, we will forgo our own interest, in order to serve those who have hurt and betrayed us. If we claim to have faith, but do not put it into action. our faith is not alive (James 2:17). On the other hand, if we put our faith into action, it will set our heart on fire; and make our faith grow. It will then propel us to go out of our way and spend every moment of our life to serve God by serving others, including our enemies. In this effort we will count no cost, expect no reward and accept any discomfort or peril that comes our way. Then, even if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, it will grow mighty enough to move mountains (Luke 17:6).

To have faith in God, is also to know, that His love is the only solution to the problems in our life. We will, therefore, not resort to lawsuits or violence to solve our problem. Instead, we will use pure love to solve our problems. We will, therefore, help those who hurt us, give them more than what they are ask for, pray for them and not retaliate against them.