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What is a true friend?

Many times I would question, what is a true friend?
Are they just temporary or are they there till the end?
What do they do? How do they act? What do they say?
Are they always supportive even to the last day?
Are they trustworthy and honest no matter what the case?
Or do they play along, going through the phase?
Do you always argue and most times disagree?
Or are you always in agreement, saying things freely?
I always wonder, am I a true friend?
And will I stay that way till the end?
I look in the Bible and I try to see,
If a good friend is a description of me.
A friend is always loving and a brother born in need.
When you need a guide, he will take the lead.
Those who walk with the wise will also be it.
Those who walk with the fools will turn stupid.
I myself have to be friendly if I want to have a true friend
That will last with me till the very end.
Are you a true friend? How is that so?
Look into the Bible and then you will know.

-Tanya Maksimov- June 27, 2005
Staff Member
That's a beautiful poem Tanya thank you for sharing :D
thanks guys, i had to figure it out the hard way, still trying to decided if i'm actually a "friend" probably not, but we'll see what happens. GOd bless u two:) and everyone else
Very nice peom its amazing becasue right now I am going through a struggle with a friend! She has decided to not talk to me anymore! And wont tell me why! It hurts real bad and when I read that poem well it made me think ty Joyfully ~ Jlu