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WHAT!?!? how did that happen?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by windmill2kids, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. Maureen, I don't know how in the world my reply to your thread got sent as a new thread? I'm so sorry! I don't understand a lot of this computer stuff,, sometimes I feel like it has a mind of it's own! :embarasse
    P.S. I'm worried because I haven't gotten any replies to my new threads and it's been several days,,, Is it my computer acting up or does everyone just not feel like replying? I'm confused!
  2. Heh sis, contact the mods and I am sure they will fix your posting issue. As far as replies what threads were you talking about?
  3. I'm speaking for myself wind, I usually don't have time to read through posts consistantly. I never thought my lack of response would bother anyone but I can share in your concern. Were not ignoring you sister (I'm not). I'm still learning how to track and keep up with different threads. The computer confusion is shared, sometimes it takes me a while to figure out different websites. Wishing you the best.
  4. Boanerges...

    My three threads were in the Ethics and Morality room..
    They are titled,,, "Rizen1THANKYOU",,,, "Reply to "Demonic Dreams",,,, and "I Challenge You"...
    See if you can see them, please. Thanks a lot!
  5. I could see them fine and it looks like plenty of folks read them. They may have gleened from them but not felt lead to reply. Never take that personal.

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