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What his name?

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While talking to the younger youth the Pastor decided he would ask them a few questions to see what they knew?
So he ask the children a simple question.

What was Jesus' mother's name?

Hands flew up everywhere and they all started yelling; Mary,Mary,Mary.

The Pastor was very pleased with the group and decided to throw them off a bit. So he asked.

What was Jesus' father's name?

This time there were no hands flying or answers being yelled. But one lonely hand raised, and the Pastor called on the little girl.

" So Sally what do you think the father's name was?" the Pastor asked.

Without skipping a beat Sally responded "Verge".

The Pastor thought for a second and asked her where she got that answer from.

Sally proudly stood up and said " Pastor that's easy, I always hear you talk about Jesus and his parents Verge-n-Mary".

God Bless to you all!