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What God is Like

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“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”

Two thousand years ago, one decree revealed God’s heart more clearly than ever before: “Peace and goodwill toward men!” That declaration redefined God’s intent for humanity, but after all these years, many of us have not shifted our thinking to be consistent with His announced plan—one of peace and goodwill. Without a shift in thinking, it will be all too easy to misrepresent this magnificent One by expecting and allowing things to take place on our watch that Jesus never would have allowed.

Our boldness to declare and demonstrate who He is in a given situation is seriously impaired if we’re not confident of what He is like. When the boldness that is normal within the one filled with the Spirit of God diminishes, it costs us dearly. It is often our boldness that draws Him into an impossible situation. When we know what He is like, we will be able to represent Jesus as the manifestation of God’s goodwill toward men.

By Bill Johnson