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What do you think of Christian pop bands?

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What do you think of Christian pop bands? What pop bands would you recomend?
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i don't think i've heard many Christian Pop bands, i think Jump 5 are the only ones i've heard of, and they were okay...
Stay Real
well umm...i dont think i ever heard any christian pop bands...
im not sure if i did...cause i hardly listen to christian music....
but yeah i mean i like pop so yeah they cant be bad....

god bless
Mary 429........ i suggest you go on the member list(of Talk Jesus) and look up "Proverbs". She is a very good christian who has helped me on several occasions on finding the right groupd,bands,singers ect. She will be able to help you.
God bless
The only problem I have with Christian bands is that it sounds forced, fake, lifeless and dull, I think Dilerious is the only one that remotely interested me and my musical preference is so ecclectic that this really is a statement for me to be making. The focus so hard on portraying 'the image' that it isnt real anymore. However, I respect the fact that they are out there doing it and they are most certainly pioneers for the next generation, lets hope it kicks off soon.
Yeah I agree with you Sephiroth, that many Christian bands sound faked or forced, but there are some good ones out there that are really good. Delirious are a really good Christian band, you should try Stellar Kart or Switchfoot maybe!
God bless!

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