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What do you do?

I was thinking that this is a great christian community and it would be cool to learn a little bit more about folks here. I give thanks for the new members joining every day (including me :) ).
So what do you all do? students? workers? stay at home folks?

I'm a teacher. I love working with and learning about others.
Hi Eden!

I work at Festivals, Fairs and Music Events as a Vendor and as a Vendor Coordinator.
I live in a small town where there is little work for decent wages. So, when I fell into this I decided to give it my best shot for a couple years and see what happens. It has been great fun. I am hoping I'll make some money in 2005.

I think the thing I love most is meeting the people, especially the children. I handle mainly stuff for children and provide a fun, safe place for the kids to hang out. Often the Lord gives me opportunity to witness, which is what I am here for!

As an offshoot of providing festival apparel I now handle silk screened, printed and embroidered items for different bands and organizations.

So far this fills the bill for me because I do not want 9 to 5 or working for someone else or being stuck indoors. Left all that behind in California. I'm a gypsy at heart anyway.

Every place I go to it seems God puts me in touch with dear Christian people ... all shapes, sizes and ages, colors. It has been a wonderful opportunity to get to know more people in God's Family!

Its up to Him! We'll see what happens!
I am a stay a home mom / dayhome worker.
I've got 2 of my own and I watch a total of 5 kids. Most of my time is with my family and I wouldnt have it any other way!
Hi Eden,
I work as a behavioural teaching assistant in the school Board, so basically I chase the trouble makers at school . I love my job, the kids are awesome. I also work as a photographer on the side, from wedding to portraits to ....
Im a student and I am studying to become a nurse, which I really enjoy......I'd love to hear more about y'all....keep 'em coming :)

What do you do?

Dear Eden, I am fine, thank you! lol!

I minister everyday, attend seminary college, and just completed my certificate as a full time academic advisor offering tutoring, home schooling, and college assistance to middle and high school students here in the San Francisco bay area.
God gets all the glory and praise here!

If the kids act up then we send mymakersdaughter out to chase them down cause I'm a coward! lol! Michele, just kidding!

Your brother in Christ Jesus!
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I am a courier for a hospital. I pick up mail and do alot of warehouse delieveries.

I am a phD student (from egypt) but studing in Ireland. i make phd in computer science. is there any one here in the same field?
I am a retired singer. I have been in the San Francisco Opera and also The Phantom of the Opera. I only sing Christian music now.
Lol I test samples from chicken houses (chicken poo) and organs for salmonella. True story
I am a lab tech
Staff Member

I am a fulltime health care professional, busy mum and moderator here!!!

Praise the Lord for His blessings.:love: