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What did jesus mean when he said he comes like a thief in the night?

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I think you know too! Just think about a theif coming to your house at night and you wake up and he is looking at you, standing over you with eyes like Flaming FIRE! IN THE DARK!:eyes:

You see it will be peaceful and safety and all is well. they will be having a good time. So in this time you are aware of His coming! this is your redemption "The Rapture" of The Sons of GOD" and The restrainer will also be taken away. at that time and all hell is going to cut lose. But we are not here. He Has taken us away in the twinkling of a eye. And the whole we be in total chaos! Just like in the time of Noah.
The people left here will be calling 1- 800- church! And they will be wondering, are they the 5 virgins that didn't have any oil in their Lamps! And they want answers! and they will get some. These will be the "Evangelist" of This 'NT" era! They got some oil for their lamps. and they will not miss the "Second Coming of Jesus Christ" And from Their Evangelist Work, A Great Number will be saved out of the "Great Tribulation" in which they are in, because they thought they would be or didn't believe in "The Rapture" or thought they were "true Believers in Christ but in actuality, now they know, they were only "nominal Christians", so now, they get real and has a strong message, because they have been left behind. There will be one of the Greatest revivals of all times, coming out of the "NT" "Great Tribulation" and "Jacob's trouble"! Before "The Day of The Lord"